[ed. Repost, originally from April 2011 ]


You might know that Yost Ice Arena, the current home of your beloved Frozen Four bound hockey squad, was once the home of the Michigan basketball team.  Up on eBay right now is a wire pic of hoops star Cazzie Russell and notice the gent who’s featured on the wall with his familiar grin:


I’d like to see that giant photo hanging somewhere inside Yost–AD Dave Brandon, you must bring it back.  Extend the Yost brand!

Bring back the Old Man!  What better place than here?  What better time than now?

Beat Irish!

Update March 9:  Yes, I was up to something.  Indeed the Children of Yost will unveil their new flags tonight at Yost for the ND-Michigan hockey tilt… including…the old man!!:



  1. Bacon recently wrote that Yost was pretty racist. Wonder your take on that. Maybe its time for us to move on rather than facilitate idolatry. Bo is my icon!

  2. Wolverine Longhorn

    Frankly, putting Yost’s picture up there once again would have football overshadowing basketball in its own arena. I get that Michigan is a football school, but as a big basketball fan I think we need some separation. I mean, our basketball arena is also named after a football coach afterall. No need to continue reminding future recruits that we care much more about football versus basketball.

  3. Wolverine Longhorn

    Actually, never mind. Missed the part about hanging it on Yost Arena…don’t have a problem with that and makes total sense. Gotta stop drinking heavily during the day.

  4. @Seth Gould

    Good point, but I think it’s difficult to project the ethics of today on another era. That is not to condone, but alter judgement accordingly. Do we not have images of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Ulysses S. Grant — all slave owners — on our currency?

    As for idolatry, that ship has sailed. Big time athletics are all about idolatry. And after all, the hockey team does play at Yost Ice Arena, not the University of Michigan Ice Arena.

    Bo is also my icon.

  5. I don’t know about bringing back the old man…but I’m all for bringing back number 33 – Cazzie Russell!!!

  6. Remember that both Yost and Crisler, while football coaches first, were Athletic Directors for a long time at Michigan (Yost 25 yrs football coach, 20 yrs AD; Crisler 10 yrs football coach, 28 yrs AD). So having hockey (originally track/field) and basketball arenas named after them makes perfect sense. The natatorium is named after Canham, an AD for 21 yrs (and track coach for 19 yrs), but never a swimming coach.