Keep Ira and Sam in your thoughts.  They’ve graciously kept the WTKA phone lines open since Monday morning.  I’m pretty sure if they continue this for the entire week they qualify for sainthood.

In the aftermath of Saturday’s shutout, Ira even took the onslaught from callers on the postgame show.  Just after midnight Paul from Toledo dialed in:

Forget Engineering! (Sorry Cook.)

Update: This has pretty much gone viral.  Thanks to Lost Letterman for taking a run at the transcription:

“Yeah, this is Paul. [Inaudible] I’m headed back home. I just gotta tell you right now: That is absolutely a joke. I heard one of your sponsors: Come Get Some Burritos. Brady Hoke can grab some burritos and get the heck out of town. You got to be kidding me.

I mean here’s the deal: Devin Gardner’s got a defensive lineman number (#98), get him on the defensive line! Let’s get a quarterback in there that knows how to throw and throw to our team!

Let’s get John Beilein coaching both teams, Crisler Arena and the Big House are right next to each other. Let’s get John Beilein, Jon Horford – let’s get all those guys – Mitch McGary; I don’t care how many trees he smokes, he can score touchdowns, then get him on the field!

The Maize and Blue need to [inaudible] in a big way. You know what I’m talking about, Ira! This is a joke! I’m in Toledo, Ohio, enemy territory, we need some Ws!

What is Michigan about? Engineering? Forget engineering! Let’s win football!!!!”

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  1. Wow…Ira’s a better man than I am. Hey, I’m as passionate as just about any Michigan fan, but that caller was almost unstable. Yes, our guys lost a game to a rival, but we’ve lost games to rivals before. Take a deep breath, and support the guys who play for Michigan. Look, I don’t like losing, and none of us have been happy with the losing under Hoke, but there are no immediate miracles. Keep the faith and maintain some civility through all of this.

    GO BLUE!

  2. The first thing that popped in my head was this:

  3. As an Irish fan, nothing could’ve been more frustrating than losing LAST SECOND games a few years back. I understand the dissapointment with the coach and an embarrassing loss like 31-0, but this guy is unreal. I wish we can play in the very near future again: you guys and michigan st., because of the level of play, atmosphere, and intensity there is each Saturday. Good luck the rest of the year