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The offense continues to pile up yards and tripping up team records–the media relations folks will be busy today updating the record book.   A few notes:

* The team fell just six total yards short of passing the team record for total offense of 727 yards set last year against Delaware State.

* You heard that Forcier set the record for passing efficiency (minimum 10 attempts), something they do track.   Here’s who he passed:


* 65 points is a mighty number, but to crack the top five all time Michigan will have to get really close to triple digits.  Four times Yost’s point-a-minute teams exceeded the century mark, with the high remaining ‘The Mountaineer Romp’ in 1904 when the Wolverines doubled Saturday’s tally:


* Of course the record for fewest punts was tied as Will Hagerup only saw the field in warm-ups (and not even that much then).   This happened three other times according to the books:


* Ahh, the obligatory history nerd nitpick.  The books cite the most punts by an opponent as Ohio State with 21 during the awesome 1950 punt fest, the Snow Bowl.   I strenuously object, like Demi Moore in A Few Good Men. Media Relations might argue the punting statistics don’t go back that far (understood), but it appears the Gophers punted 25 times in our epic 1910 clash:


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