As mentioned here, Bruce Madej of U-M Media Relations dialed up DeFran’s show yesterday but that audio clip seems to be lost.  WTKA is trying to recover it and FWIW, WTKA does a great job of late posting their podcasts).  [Update 5/1: the original call is up, can be heard here.]

That said, Madej dialed up the morning show today to reiterate U-M and Dave Brandon’s position here.  Here’s Bruce Madej’s unsolicited call into Sam and Ira from this morning:

As I wrote last night, it’s not surprising that  someone from media relations would refute a story like this.  But it is noteworthy that Madej would bother to call the radio show to personally shoot this down (now TWICE) with the backing of Brandon.  Translation: there’s no validity to this and DeFran’s sources are complete bunk.  Again.

Madej mentions John U. Bacon’s call from this morning, you can hear that here, jump about 11 minutes in.  Key quote: “This kind of speculation is not journalism.”

OK, I think I’m done talking about this unless this site is dragged back into it  Here’s my previous posts from this week on DeFranpalooza:

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    Discount DeFranpalooza hats, shirts and thongs to be offered up tomorrow, stay tuned.

    Check out all the WTKA 1050AM podcast here, including this morning’s discussion on this topic.   Better yet, follow MVictors on Twitter.


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    2. Great stuff Greg.

      I just fired off my email to WTKA. I am just so sick and tired of DeFran, hopefully, they get this right and get rid of him.

    3. What is the sound of one man patting himself on the back?
      Jeff DeFraud.
      I was happy when WTKA brought back an afternoon show, but that was with Ben H. He could be critical without ranting or some political\social agenda. I hate to say it, but based on the on-air talent they have right now, the station might be more listen-able if they just went to ESPN radio’s national broadcast.

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