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A few clips from the Big Ten Network’s coverage of Michigan’s practice yesterday.

First my impressions:
* I know everyone talked about the pace of the practice, but you really got a sense for it. Everyone is constantly moving, doing down-ups, running back and forth between drills.
* There are still a few semi flabby dudes out there. After all of the Barwis talk (I’m still waiting for someone to on NBC to speculate that Barwis must have worked with Michael Phelps), I expected everyone on the roster would look like Chippendale dancers (Swayze, not Farley).
* Not a surprise, but you can see that Rodriguez is a tough S.O.B.
* The quarterbacks looked pretty brutal. I mean, there doing that little 12 yard out drill with no pressure and they’re consistently throwing shaky passes, whether it was throwing to the inside or just missing the guy. Feagin looked rough, Sheridan threw a couple nice balls but it’s clear Threet has the stronger arm.

Here’s the quarterback drills from BTN:

You can also see Rodriguez’s interview here.

Classic: They showed last year’s Michigan State game before the practice and I took in the fourth quarter. Chad Henne’s touchdown pass to Manningham will always be remembered as the play of the game, but the pass he delivered to Arrington a few minutes earlier was just silly.

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