From ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg, mailbag, some of the Buckeyes are FREAKIN’ OUT, MAN:

Ben from San Diego writes: Adam… Do you think that it could ever be possible for Jim Tressel to be on the hot seat if he keeps winning in the Big 10 and beating Michigan, but losing the big non-conference games? If so, how many more embarrassing losses will it take? Do you think there could ever be pressure from Jim Delaney [sic] to make changes on the OSU coaching staff, given that OSU is embarrassing not only themselves, but the Big 10 as a whole? As a Buckeye fan, I’d rather see us lose to Michigan than be blown out like this on the big stage again. It really hurts! I don’t care about Michigan anymore!!

Save us…..Jim Delany???????


  1. Maybe they need to recruit those “speedier” players from the warm states like CA or FL because they get to run outside all winter.

    Hard to feel sorry for OSU right now. Maybe we can win this year since they dont care about beating Michigan anymore.

  2. I’m still trying to understand why kids from the south are speedier – maybe Lew can explain

  3. It’s in the water, Greg