SALINE MICHIGAN Minutes after the end of ‘The Game’, wow, what a game, it seems a blur now. Maybe that’s the impact of a baker’s dozen of Miller Lites. Maybe it’s the after shock of a season that could have been. Perhaps, just perhaps, there’s the air of wonderment around what will play out in the next two weeks in with the 1 loss challengers. Here’s some quick answers to some likely questions:
– Did Ohio State deserve to win? Yes.
– Did Michigan play like champions? Yes.
– Does Michigan look like the 2nd best team in the country? Probably.
– Is a rematch out of the question? No way.
So here I am, just 30 minutes from the final whistle and while I’m disappointed you have to be proud of how M stood in there, you have to be upset at the late penalty, you have to wonder what could have been. But soon your thoughts turn to what might be. What if the nation thinks Michigan deserves a rematch? What does a close Michigan win in Glendale resolve?

Instead of answers on ‘Judgement Day’ or ‘Armaggedon’ or ‘The Game’, we have more questions. At least around who deserves the other spot in the BCS Championship.


  1. Later days boy’ s. No rematch , the game wasn’t really close if not for a 4th and 15 penalty UM would have lost by 11. What doe’s a rematch prove. Sorry ESPN and ABC with your big 2 contract and polotickers. The game featured no D and UM never had the lead after the first quater. Yes they hung in there so congrats on that but a classic should have a couple of lead changes or a cliffhanger ending. It was not really in doubt down the strech except to some wishful thinkers who thought maybe the ghost of BO was gonna do something.Let somebody else step up to the plate outside of your little conference or at list give the Wisconsin Badgers a shot. PEACE OUT.

  2. I’m sure you make a lot of sense, feabas, it’s just that I can only understand every other word. Bravo on the use of the apostrophe and the word ‘polotickers’

  3. Michigan and USC (& maybe UF) are the only teams that have a legitimate claim to a spot in the BCS title game against OSU.

    #1) OSU-UM Rematch

    When discussing the merits of a rematch for UM the voters (& the computers) should remember the ALL IMPORTANT FACT that this great game was played in Columbus….it was not played on a neutral playing field obviously.

    Opponents of a rematch sometimes say well “OSU & Michigan only deserve one shot at each other….and the loser should really step aside and give another worthy 1-loss team a chance to play the winner etc…..etc….” (assuming there is another worthy 1-loss team of course :-).

    Now, even with such a close game, this argument might have held some weight against OSU – because, hey, if the Buckeyes had lost to Michigan at home in the comfortable confines of THE SHOE then maybe they should let another worthy 1-loss team have a crack at Michigan? (again assuming there is another worthy 1-loss team)

    But, with an extremely close 42-39 road loss like that, this argument does not hold weight at all against Michigan. Michigan played an extremely close road game in the absurdly hostile environment of THE SHOE….the most hostile place that Michigan could possibly play a football game!?!?….a place where Michigan is hated more than any other team in all of college football!!!!! (who knows what would happen if Henne, Hart, Mario, Woodley, Branch & Co. faced off against Smith, Pittman, Ginn, Gonzales, Laurinitis & Co on a level playing field in an equitable environment like beautiful Glendale)….the voters should continue to factor in the anti-Michigan Horseshoe madhouse setting of this crazy close 42-39 road loss as they continue to think about who now deserves a neutral sited shot at the Bucks in sunny AZ. Given how very close that game was (not to mention the 3rd & 15 late 4th qtr personal foul that hugely impacted the outcome of that game! :-), Michigan certainly has a very legitimate claim for a rematch with OSU on a NEUTRAL playing field! It just would be extremely unfair if Michigan gets its one and only BCS National Title crack at OSU in the hysterically hostile, overwhelmingly anti-Michigan environment of The Shoe….while some other 1-loss team like USC, UF or even UA, whose body of work and 1-loss don’t stack up to Michigan’s, gets the HUGE advantage/opportunity of getting its BCS National Title crack at OSU in the friendly confines of a vacation destination, completely NEUTRAL Arizona BCS Bowl stadium!!!! That just wouldn’t be right as they say!! :-) That’s why Michigan is still #2 in the BCS…..and should remain there.


    Now, if it’s not Michigan then the only team that potentially has a legitimate claim to jump UM is USC….if they soundly spank ND then at least an OSU-USC match-up is justifiable (although it still should be a very close call between USC & UM given USC’s bad loss to a weak Oregon St team)…..but if USC looks shaky and just squeaks by ND at home in The Coliseum after Michigan shellacked ND on the road in South Bend….then it might still be a judgment call between Michigan and USC….but the edge should definitely shift to Michigan….and the important thing in the USC vs Michigan argument is this – people better remember to make their selections/rankings based on who they think is ‘more deserving’/’better’ given their season long accomplishments, not based on whether or not they ‘want to see’ and/or ‘are in favor of’ a rematch….the BCS title game should just pit the 2 most deserving/best teams at the end of the season….end of story.

    UF & UA (& ND)

    And if USC loses….well, then it should certainly be OSU-UM:

    UF has a weak case given their multiple close calls and bad 27-17 loss to a very sketchy 2-loss Auburn team

    Arkansas has an extremely weak case given their multiple close calls and the embarrassing 50-14 drubbing they received by what would then be a 2-loss USC team

    ND has NO CASE WHATSOEVER….NONE, NONE & NONE….bless our maize and blue lord!!….ND got absolutely thrashed by Michigan at home by 26 points right in front of Touchdown Jesus himself! :-)