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Oh me oh my, it’s a big one in Columbus, Buckeyes an early 4 1/2 point favorite
Ohio State squeaked by Illinois in OT on Saturday setting up another classic with the Michigan Wolverines. The Buckeyes are 12-0 on the year and sit at #1 in the BCS poll. A win will surely put them in the championship game in the Fiesta Bowl. The game is in Columbus at noon on Saturday, ABC will televise.

Michigan (9-2) looked a little sloppy in a 21-14 win over Wisconsin on Saturday. But the running game, which is so critical to M’s offense, has really kicked in over the last three games.

Left out of the fun are Iowa, who pummeled Michigan a few weeks ago, and who did not play OSU this year. Based on Ohio State’s last 2 games, Iowa looks like the class of the Big Ten. The last time the game was this big was 1997. On eBay, tickets to the game are going for around $250-$300 each.

The Buckeyes must be a little nervous for fear that they will choke this one away – again. Lose, and the Buckeyes not only slip out of the BCS championship, but also out of the Rose Bowl, as Iowa will become sole Big Ten champs.

For a crazy twist, it Michigan could actually benefit by losing to the Buckeyes for a couple reasons:

If OSU loses, it is possible that they will be knocked completely out of the other BCS games. That would put them in the Big Ten #2 bowl, the Capital One bowl which is Michigan’s for the taking if they M loses. Michigan would move down to the Citrus (Michigan may not care, because they been in the #2 bowl several times over the last couple years).

Although it violates a supposed BCS rule of only allowing 2 teams from each conference in the BCS, check this out: If OSU wins and Iowa somehow becomes #2 in the BCS, the Rose Bowl slot will be open for Big Ten #3 – The Big Blue. As I understand it, the Rose Bowl would take a different BCS at-large team in this scenario, but I’m not sure.

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