1. Michigan Sucks Period. The spread doesn’t belong in AA

  2. I agree. They looked like a high school team and with all the freshmen playing, they nearly are.

  3. I hope he was holding open tryouts for quarterbacks.

  4. “The spread doesn’t belong in AA”
    “They looked like a high school team”
    “…open tryouts for quarterbacks”

    Do you boys need a tissue? Get your self together ladies! The spread works, yes they are young, and yes we need QB help…but whining like little girls doesn’t help.

    Give RR time to train the players and recruit to the system…Michigan will be just fine!

    I’m excited about the change in philosophy at Michigan and am willing to accept the growing pains if it means we have a shot at winning the Big ten again- FACE IT…THE CHANGE WAS NECCESARY!

    Go Blue!

  5. The first two comments sound like the fat guy who gives up on working out after one day because it’s easier to just sit on the couch and do nothing.

    It’s going to take awhile, but it’s not like we’re missing that many pieces. Heck after seeing Pryor just imagine how much better our offense would have been with him? The opposing D suddenly has a reason to worry about the QB on the fakes and can’t key on the direction our RBs go.

    Once he gets a competent quarterback and our O-line gets some time under their belts we’ll be tough to beat (even if this isn’t til 2010).

  6. Good for them! They needed it! There is promise in this team, I think they learned a lot! Yes Pryor looked good but it was Youngstown, not Utah. Utah is a respectable team not some chump school. There was good experience to be had there! GO BLUE!

  7. I feel great going into this week. Despite some injuries everything was just about how I expected it to be. Things will click, and having Miami this week will really help. Utah is a ruff draw for the first game. That team is full of vets. This system will work, it will just take time.

  8. We’ll see how long this optimism lasts. If we can’t run the ball against Miami, it’s going to be a long, long year.