To the chagrin of the Capital One bowl officials, looks like after yesterday’s shake up at the top Illinois will end up in the Rose Bowl [latest BCS projections], and that’ll put Michigan in the Capital One Bowl. Wisconsin and Penn State are already locked into the Outback and Alamo. As posted here, remember the bowl official offering an actual opinion weeks before selection:

“At best, they’d be looking at the Alamo Bowl,” said Frank Frana, an official with the Capital One Bowl. “At best.” “There are at least four teams ahead of them: Ohio State, Illinois, Penn State and Wisconsin,” Frana said. “Their bowl opportunities are going to be tough.”

Sorry dude. Oh, and how can I get your job? During the season you go to games to watch teams play to see if they’ll be a good fit for your bowl? You couldn’t watch them on TV, you need to go to the game. And all this ‘work’ eventhough you end up have little choice in the matter, really. Great JOB!

And for Ohio State, another year where they won’t be going to Pasadena. Crazy phenomenon.

Finally, it looks like this guy was on the ball.


  1. I would love to see Ohio State face USC for the “national title” – they would get pasted in that game. On the other hand, I think I’d have to cheer for the Buckeyes if they face a Les Miles-coached LSU. I was never a big supporter of Les Miles for the M job, and even though he seems like a “Michigan Man” at heart (although his press conferences evoke images of John L. Smith), it would make me feel better to know that he can’t beat OSU if he’s going to refuse to talk to Bill Martin about the job.

  2. That would be interesting for sure. And we’ll see if Michigan is indeed in the Capital One bowl. It’d be interesting to see a healthy M team against say, Urban Meyer Wiener and Tebow

  3. Good chance Illinois doesn’t get a BCS bid. Conference champ auto-bids go to:

    BCS Ranking auto-bids will (likely, until the official rankings come out):

    Leaving two spots open. Kansas will probably get one, and ASU and Illinois will fight for the other.

  4. Yep, consensus right now is that it’ll be Kansas and Illinois, but we’ll see. If it’s ASU and Kansas it could set up a wicked Capital One between Zook and Florida.