Oh my nerves are shot. You get the feeling we really haven’t scratched the surface on the man that is Lloyd Carr. I just saw this link on mgoblog’s m.go.licious links.

Pete Thamel of the New York Times was on campus this week and spent some time with our coach. According to his post Another Side of Carr, Thamel reveals prior to his Monday presser Carr approached him with a question, ““Do you know Maureen Dowd?”. Carr went on to praise Dowd for her intelligence and style.

Dowd of course writes the ‘Liberties’ Op-Ed column in the Times and is a big time liberal. Along with Thomas Friedman, she is part of the A-Team of columnists appearing each week on Wednesday and the coveted Sunday editions.

I doubt that a copy of the Times never made it to Bo Schembechler’s desk during his days roaming his building on State State, and if he ever got wind of Carr’s praise of Dowd you can bet he have a few words.  Old Bo was a vocal conservative and I’m sure he kept things that way inside Schembechler Hall.  Is our man Carr turning the political leanings of the athletic department toward those of our students, faculty and town?

Elsewhere: Check out this week’s Sports Illustrated’s piece on the Detroit Lions practice squad featuring Ron Bellamy, “a former Michigan standout” haha.


  1. Maybe Lloyd will invite Mo D. to stand on the sidelines like Russell Crowe while Pam Oliver calls the game.

    [Nerve. Pam Oliver would be the top Big Ten Network announcer.]

  2. Oh god, can we please not do this? Lloyd has politics, they may not be your politics, but let’s not make this an issue. And before you say that you’re not:
    “Is our man Carr turning the political leanings of the athletic department toward those of our students, faculty and town?”

    That’s making it an issue. We’re divisive enough in this country, least we could do is keep it out of football.

  3. Gary, whether that statement makes this an issue is in the head of the reader. I’m just pointing out that Carr’s statements about Dowd hint that he might lean a little different from old Bo.

    And as far as keeping politics out of football…well, that’s kind of the point of interest here- Carr obviously follows politics if he’s an avid reader of Dowd.

  4. Carr made mention of his political leanings at the Bo tribute. He talked about how he and Bo loved to argue politics. He was fondly remembering their disagreements and heated debates. When Clinton got in trouble for the BJ, Bo told Carr, “This is YOUR president.” Almost like it was Carr’s doing.

  5. Reed, thanks- I remember that from the Bo tribute! Good stuff.

  6. I’ve known Carr for many years and he is a big time liberal. I think it is due to his friendship with Lee Bollinger although I’m not certain of the roots.

  7. No wonder Lloyd doesn’t like to blow other teams out. Dowd hates when America wins, maybe Lloyd feels guilty if Michigan wins.

    (yes I am joking, although I am a Republican, I couldn’t care less whether Lloyd believes that Bush=Hitler or that 9-11 was an inside job, or that Karl Rove is really running Ohio State’s offense so long as he can stop the damned spread and can actually put some points on the board against crappy teams)

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