Angelique Chengelis of the Detroit News dropped into Lloyd Carr’s office in Wiedenbach Hall this week and tried to get your former coach to bite. He didn’t. Of note:

Former Michigan quarterback Rick Leach said early in the week on an Ann Arbor radio station, in response to a question about Carr, that he wishes the former coach would come out publicly to support Rodriguez.

“As far as I know, there’s been no comment, nothing come out publicly to support him, and to me, and I guess since I speak my mind, my feeling is, I guess silence speaks 1,000 words,” Leach said. “I wish he would, because many people came to his side when he needed help.”

[Ed: Here’s the audio:]

Carr, however, said he made his intentions clear from the beginning.

“I’ve talked with Rich several times, and I told him I would not be making any comments publicly because I didn’t want to have anything that I said be misconstrued,” Carr said. “However, I told him if he ever needed me, I was available. I would be there.

“And he made it clear that I was always welcome. I think our relationship has been very positive.”

To the folks who insist Lloyd Carr come out and say something: What exactly is he supposed to say?

That he supports Rodriguez and the direction of the program? Bill Martin did that early in the season and it came off like a fart in church. Is Carr supposed to rally the Michigan fan base, or the old school Michigan backers like Leach? And I understand LC’s concern about it being misconstrued (Carr: “Any true Michigan fan who doesn’t support Rodriguez should get a life”).

Look, I’m guessing it hasn’t been easy for Carr to stay away from the program. These are still 99% his players and he cares about these guys. It’s been a selfless act to stay completely away. He deserves credit for that and more importantly, and I think old schoolers would agree, Carr’s earned the right to determine how he supports the football program.

– Leachapalooza: The Best of Rick Leach on WTKA 12-09
Where in the World is Lloyd Carr

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  2. Amazing. A mature adult who writes a blog about Michigan football. Well done, sir.

    Lloyd knows nothing he does would be right with some people, so he has done what few can, and says nothing. No matter what the provocation, he says nothing. This guy may not have been the best football coach ever, but the University, its faculty, students, staff, and alumni (actual and adopted) ought to be proud of the man, who leads the world in maturity.

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