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This week’s look at the AP college football poll vote. 

After reviewing each of the voters’ rankings here’s a few things that stuck out:

  • Top Slots: For the third straight week, every voter has either Florida, Texas or USC in their top 3.  The exception once again Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News.  He had USC in Week 9 (who then lost the following week), then he put Oregon in USC’s slot at #2 in Week 10 (who of course lost yesterday).  He now has Cincinnati at #2 and put Florida at #4.   Milner gets the hate mail award this week, no doubt getting some from Gator fans.
  • Overslept:  Last week ESPN/ABC’s Kirk Herbstreit didn’t get his ballot in due to some logistical issues.  This week Alex Abrams, a writer from Arkansas, failed to get his ballot in.  [Ed 11/08 9PM – I found this tweet from Abrams – “Also, Pollspeak tweeted that by AP Top 25 ballot was missing today. But because of recent change, Robbie Neiswanger has taken over my vote.”  I’ll include Neiswanger next week.]
  • Top 10/Region – Here’s the national vote, spliced by the region of the voters (Central is effectively Big 12 country, mostly dudes from Texas): region


  • Big Ten by Region –Here’s how the Big Ten (and Notre Dame) was rated, by region.  The lone vote for Notre Dame (?) came from Glenn Guilbeau of Louisiana, who Weis and company #23.  Maybe we can convince Glenn to give the Wolverines a look next week?  Folks out West really crushed the Big Ten, slotting the Buckeyes at #13 on average.


  • Angelique.  Here’s how The Angel of the Big House put her vote the past three weeks.  Her opinion of the Big Ten teams is pretty interesting as she was obviously impressed with Ohio State’s win, taking them all the way up to #7 which was the highest placement the Bucks had by any of the 59 voters.  Conversely, she dropped the Hawkeyes all the way to #21 after their brutal loss to Northwestern which was the lowest anyone slotted Ferentz’s crew amongst the media.  Sidenote:  I interview Angelique last week about the AP poll process, etc., and I’ll publish that later this week.  Here’s her ballots:


Photo: readers Amy and Jeff

It’s been a while, huh?  Where the major sources slot the 4-2 Wolverines in the 2008-09 bowls.  Don’t book your flight just yet:

  • College Football News/Scout.com:  Insight Bowl  12/31/09 vs. Kansas
  • CBS Sports:  Champs Sports Bowl 12/29/09 vs. Wake Forest
  • ESPN (Mark Schlabach): Valero Alamo Bowl 1/2/10 vs. Oklahoma State
  • ESPN (Bruce Feldman):  Champs Sports Bowl 12/29/09 vs. North Carolina

Consolidated BCS Bowl Projections for 2009-2010

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Dave Brown, Michigan

Congratulations to the late Dave Brown who joined 19 other coaches and players into the College Football Hall of Fame today. The two time (’73-’74) All-American defensive back was inducted alongside JoPa and Doug Flutie.

But you wouldn’t know about it because there is minimal local coverage [Freep] including no mention on mgoblue.com? What’s the deal? It’s not like the athletic department isn’t on top of things: there’s a mention of Dan Deirdorf winning an award for broadcasting.

Brown is the 34th individual with Michigan ties to be inducted, here’s a list I compiled for you:

Dave Brown, Michigan

I don’t have any memories of Brown since I was a wee lad when he took the field, but it’s clear he had some skills in the defensive backfield (9 career interceptions) and was a fine punt returner (11.1 career average). He co-captained the great 1974 squad that finished 10-1 and 3rd in the final AP poll. The lone loss that season was the 12-10 defeat at the hand of the Buckeyes. Here’s his full bio on his new college football hall of fame page:

Dave Brown was the leader of one of the most successful and yet frustrating periods in Michigan football history. The Wolverines posted a 30-2-1 record, tied for three Big Ten conference titles and never went to a bowl game. The defensive units on which Brown played were consistent national leaders. He was twice on squads that gave up the fewest points-per-game in the country. The other team placed second. In 33 games played, his teams surrendered more than ten points in only five games and registered 11 shutouts. On the freshman team, Brown was used on both offense as a receiver and in the defensive secondary. When he joined the varsity, he was moved to the defensive secondary on a full-time basis. His offensive abilities were then used as a punt return specialist. As a sophomore, he averaged over 15 yards a return with one touchdown. Brown would have one score in each of this three seasons. He also added one TD on an interception return. He was recognized as an all-Big Ten player. In his junior year he became a consensus All-America choice. He improved his status to that of a unanimous choice as a senior. When he completed his career he held the school record for passes broken up. Dave was chosen in the first round of the NFL draft and went on to a 16-year pro career. He then embarked on a coaching career. While an assistant coach at Texas Tech he died at the age of 52.

Good info but was that written by an android? “Dave Brown was good. He returned punts. He had interceptions.” Sheesh. And speaking of the HOF site, it’s tired. And sadly, MVictors has courted finer advertisers. It’s front page includes this sharp add for its own grilling sauces:

Dave Brown, Michigan

Joining Brown, Paterno and Flutie is Notre Dame’s Chris Zorich. Here he is, like Brown, photographed in his varsity sweater but for some reason he’s wearing it underneath his uniform:

Zorich, Michigan

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Urban Meyer’s Florida Gators are struggling a bit in 2008. First they suffered the beat down at the hands of your Wolverines in the Capital One Bowl, now this.

Turns out there was a little mishap with the Sears Trophy. Yep, their prize for their 2007 BCS Championship win over the Buckeyes has seen better days:

BCS Tropy...Shadoobie (Shattered)

From USA Today:

It may remain a mystery who actually destroyed the crystal football, which shattered after hitting the ground outside head coach Urban Meyer’s office. Florida has already contacted the company in Kentucky that makes the base of the trophy and imports the crystal from Ireland for a replacement.

Florida associate athletic director Chip Howard confirmed the accident. The trophy was sitting on a coffee table outside of Meyer’s office while construction of new coaches’ offices is being completed.

“It may remain a mystery”? I’d like to understand a little more behind that line. As if anyone can plop down outside Urban Meyer‘s office and kick up their feet on the coffee table? I’m guessing they have a decent idea who broke the trophy.

Reaching back on my Clue skills, I’d start with:
– Professor Gatorade
– In the Coaches’ Lobby
– With a Cheerleader.

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Coach Rod is receiving rave reviews with the fans and media for his bluntness and candidness. And he’s not stopping with the fans and the media. Remember the group of former alumni that met the team prior to the Notre Dame and Ohio State games, and all those that petitioned Bill Martin to consider Les Miles? Well, Rodriguez is working on something for them, from John Heuser in the Ann Arbor News Sunday:

Wolverine reunion
In an effort to introduce himself and his staff to former Michigan players, Rodriguez plans to host an event in Ann Arbor in February.
“I want to meet all the guys that played here. I didn’t play here, so I didn’t know a lot of them. But I know how much pride they have in this place, and I want to meet ’em and talk to ’em, and I want to make sure all the former players feel welcome coming back here, and I think they will once they meet all the former players and staff members.”

According to MVictors reader TC, the hockey game appearance went over big-time with the students. Apparently he didn’t just show up for an interview and to slap the puck across the ice. Here’s TC’s recap and take:

Coach Rod at Yost Ice Arena

Not only did he do a ceremonial puck drop he also participated in Score-O during the second intermission, he insisted he sit with the students, and he did. The guy has a great attitude, I haven’t seen him coach yet but I already know I am a fan. The fact he was willing to NOT ONLY sit with the students but also high five them and mingle during the game shows class. As a student season ticket holder (both hockey and football) it is rewarding to know he appreciates us. Last time Lloyd attended a game he sat in the padded, cushy seats above the Student section and didn’t really seem to care or want to be bothered with us.

Coach Mac’s Mojo
For those looking for an update on former coach Bill McCartney’s quest to get his 1980/1 championship ring back, no update yet. Hopefully soon. Definitely click here to read what happened.

Love Shaq
For those of you who missed the Jack Nicklaus/Shaquille O’Neal bit before the BCS Championship game, someone thankfully put it up on Youtube. I bet you didn’t know that LSU stood for Love Shaq University, did you? Dig it:

Guest Post

This one comes again from Schlimmy, who incorrectly took Michigan in the Ohio State game this year, and provided his excellent recap on location from last year’s BCS Championship in Glendale:

Before the game my heart was saying the Buckeyes will pull it out but my brain was telling me otherwise.

The Buckeye’s start was eerily similar to last year title game for the good, but from the middle of the first quarter through the middle of the 3rd quarter it was eerily similar to last year game for the bad. I realized after LSU tied it up at 10-10, the Buckeyes were in serious trouble.

What surprised me most was the ease at which LSU could move the ball on the Buckeyes supposedly #1 defense. As a Buckeye fan, yes, the game was another black eye for Ohio State and for the Big Ten. I think that their soft schedule and the fact the Big Ten was weak this year caught up to them in this game. But in saying this I must say I was pleasantly surprised at their season considering the personnel they lost from the previous season, this was supposedly a rebuilding year for them, and they made it back to the Title game.

Brutus Brightside
The players the Buckeyes lose to the pros this year (Gholston, Laurinitius, Jenkins etc…) will determine where the Buckeyes start next year, but they should be better in 2008 considering they only had one senior start on both offense and defense. So as much as sucks right now for the Buckeyes I expect them to be back in the top 5 next year and potentially playing for the BCS title again.

Outlook next year
On a side note I think next year’s college football season will be amazing, there are several teams that finished in the top 10 this year that will be returning most of their starters. I’m sure people are already throwing out their top tens for next year so I guess I will do the same:

Schlimmy’s Top Ten:
10. Clemson
9. Missouri
8. Virginia Tech
7. West Virginia
6. LSU
5. Ohio St.
4. Georgia
3. Oklahoma
2. Florida
1. USC

A couple polls to get the pulse of the football universe…or a few guys on the internet today. Whatever works:


And you know you’re thinking it but do you have the stones to say it? The answer the Buckeyes but vote away:


Update: Good lord 83%? Michigan fans = Chicago Bears Super fans. Next topic: Bo vs. Godzilla – discuss

Update 2: 88%?!!

A few takes from the game, most as it happened:

First half takes: Boy, the Buckeyes came out strong again in this version of the BCS Championship. They sustained the momentum for more than one play but wow….Les Miles and the Tigers have taken complete control. Wondering how Tressel will respond in the second half as against Florida he definitely panicked. Not looking good for the Bucks.

The FOX coverage is a complete bust except for the pregame thing Shaq did for LSU. Oh my god that was hilarious. YES I DIG IT!

Second half takes: Two huge personal fouls by the Bucks lead to an LSU score but the Buckeyes respond with a pick and nice touchdown on fourth down. There’s some life.

The net: All in all, pretty much went like last year’s game with this time LSU running off 31 straight at one point. Actually felt bad for the OSU fans there. I’ve been to games like that. You know many of the same folks in New Orleans were in Phoenix.

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Filling in on ESPN’s Mike Tirico Show was Eric Kuselias, Michigan law school grad. I’ve listened to the guy before and he does a good job, but today he enlightened the audience. He said that he gets annoyed by everyone saying we need a college football playoff. Why? Not because he’s tired of the tired debates. No, the purported MENSA member is bothered by the calls for a playoff because “we already have a playoff. It’s with two teams.” Seriously. I assumed he was kidding at first but he went on with this for a little bit.

Gee thanks Dr. Kuselias. In the future, I’ll try to specify a specific number of teams when arguing for the need of a playoff. This reminds me of one of my econ professors at Michigan insisting that people were wrong to suggest that inflation was a bad thing. No, people should be concerned about “unanticipated inflation.” Right.

Any thoughts of Lloyd Carr, Hart, Henne and Long getting to tee off on the ACC’s #4 team are gone. Nope, they’ll get Urban Meyer and defending national champion Florida. An interesting match-up for sure, as Florida edged out Michigan for the second BCS championship spot last year and many (including Carr) were none too happy with the comments made by Meyer as he campaigned for his Gators. Water under the bridge maybe, but it’ll make for an interesting subplot.

Required for the game? Your Urban Meyer Wiener gear while they last:

Urban Meyer Wiener Shirt for the 2008 Capitol One Bowl

1. As mentioned above, Hart, Henne, and Long and especially Carr’s last game.
2. Meyer vs. Carr after the bitterness of last year.
3. Is Urban Meyer a candidate for the coaching job? He didn’t exactly slam the door shut in recent comments.
4. Will a signficant number of Michigan fans go to this game? [Latest Ticket Prices here]
5. Will Michigan have named a coach by then? Will he be at the game?