Bill Martin called The Huge Show, which is broadcast on a few stations around Michigan including 1050 WTKA. Martin talked about the search process:
– Said he knew that this would be a hire outside the coaching family from the get go.
– Talked about the challenge of convincing Rodriguez and his wife to take this job and move to Ann Arbor sight unseen.
– Joked about taking the President Coleman to the giant Cabela’s off of US-23.
– Great quote, said Mary Sue Coleman “could sell coal in Newcastle”. He didn’t say that Coach Rod is the dog’s bollocks.
– Thought it was 70/30 that he would come to Michigan after Rodriguez left Toledo.
– Martin said he was excited based on the emails received about the hire. Perhaps he took his football filter off now!
– Rodriguez will be at practice tomorrow.

The audio is in two parts, missed a few seconds of the interview in the middle:

Don’t hold your breath. All your emails were tightly filtered and placed neatly in the virtual circular file. Excerpt from MLive’s recap of the post press conference interview with Bill Martin:

Q: What took you by surprise? Anything?
MARTIN: The passion of Michigan fans. The absolute passion. I had to put filters on my e-mail, because of the number of e-mails I got on this search. Anything that said football was dumped and put into a bucket, and ultimately deleted so it couldn’t be FOIAed. It’s all gone.

Gee thanks man. I hope no one wrote him to “donate millions to the football program”.

Rich Rodriguez: Michigan Man

Reports breaking minutes ago, Rich Rodriguez has accepted the Michigan job. As speculated here, looks like this was locked up on Friday.

So what happened?
1. Martin went to Toledo to close the deal and not let Rodriguez out until he accepted. Looks like that happened.
2. Something happened after the Pitt game that turned Rodriguez against the WVU officials, not sure what. He kept them in the dark during this whole process.
3. Assume they worked out the details of the $4M buy-out, just like they did with Coach Beilein. If this money is also going to the West Virginia Foundation that campus is going to have some Thornton Mellon phat facilities soon.

So what’s next?
1. Looks like Carr will of course coach the Capital One bowl game but Rodriguez won’t be coaching the Fiesta. Will Carr need to pull an Al Haigesque ‘I’m still charge’ plea?
2. Should be interesting to see how Rodriguez uses the current players, especially Mallett.
3. Jim Carty has a Big East background and there’s talk (just talk) of some questionable recruiting incidents related to Rodriguez. If true, you can bet Carty will be looking into it.
4. Hopefully talk of assistant coaches will occur soon. I’d like to see him keep Fred Jackson, possibly Ron English but without knowing how this usually goes, assume both are doubtful to stay.

Update: It’s really official, check out, Michigan’s official site. (hey, nice photo!):


There’s no doubt the online petition to Save the Miles is making an impact on State street. The cleverly titled the ‘Les Go Blue’ effort to organize fans to convince Bill Martin to get LSU coach Les Miles in Ann Arbor has gathered over 800 legitimate signatures so far. Forget unreturned phone calls, I’ll got out on a limb and predict that this could be the difference in this whole mess.

The petition asks for name, email and a pledge amount to the athletic department if Les Miles is hired (default is $10). A quick scan of the signatures to date yielded a few beauties:

* #659 Joel Jackson – Pledged $10,000. Hey big spender!
* #607 Edward Martin – The posthumous funding source of the Fab 5 gave no specific amount but offered “money and cakes if Les is hired”.
* #231 CCBIV -tied some conditions “$100 if it’s Miles, $0 if it’s ferentz, debord, grobe, pinkel” We’ll let the accountants sort that out once this is over.
* #472 Dave Paton indicated some bitterness in his offer: “$10 in pennies–and they won’t be rolled”. That’s old school retribution, baby. Nice work.
* #277 Stacey guaranteed she give “Whatever is left of my will”. How generous!
* Mike Hunt. This name shows up on many petitions for some reason and he’s listed twice here (#272 and #141). The latter offered a perpetual donation of “$0.72 per minute for life.” That man will make a fine husband some day.
* Not signed on yet but expected soon are Ms. Wilma Dickfit and Dr. Haywood Jablomie.
* Finally, a current assistant coach signed on but didn’t exactly step on up the donation: #106 Steve Szabo $10.

Update: Someone just added 1160. Dr. Erif Nitram, who backwards is named Fire Martin

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As posted on today, here’s the audio of Ann Arbor News columnist Jim Carty on Sam Webb’s Michigan Insider show this morning. Obviously he talks about Bill Martin, Les Miles, the agent, etc.

He’s pretty darn critical of the AD, perhaps rightly so. I think Carty does a great job for the Ann Arbor News and I really enjoy his time on WTKA, but drenching us with sarcasm and mocking Bill Martin was a bit over the line IMO. Judge for yourself:

UPDATE: More from Carty. Just posted on his blog, some details of a conversation this afternoon with LSU’s associate athletic director.

(Bill) Martin Man March in Ann Arbor!

Callers were freaking out on WTKA this morning. The Martin Man March to be scheduled soon. Suggested protest MMMarch route:
– Start at corner of Stadium and Main (outside the Big House)
– Wind down to State Street in front of the athletic administration building
– Head over to Main Street and park it a Conor O’Neils for a pint. Then we’ll sort all this out.

I’m working on picket signs. A few suggestions:
1. MARTIN SHORT (sighted)
2. At least we have hoops season
3. Let’s get Moeller’d
4. Now I know why the AD hasn’t returned my calls.
5. Michigan Sailing Rocks!
6. DeBord DeBlows
7. Hey Ferentz, you’re next!
8. Cancel Christmas
9. MSC: Maize doesn’t necessarily mean Corn
10. Did Pep make the NBA?
11. New recipe: Les Miles, Less Martin
12. Can Dave Shand come back now?

For context read on why all the former players, alumni, bloggers, and columnists are furious, please see Jim Carty in the Ann Arbor News, and Michael Rosenberg in the Detroit Free Press.

Quoting the great Lew, a legend on this site, everyone needs to chill out a little bit. Venom is being sprayed everywhere and it is getting ridiculous. Scanning the blogs, message boards and talk shows, it seems you have a bone to pick with just about everyone:

Lloyd Carr: For not liking Miles and for spinning this whole coach search to not hire Miles. Ok, so maybe he doesn’t like Miles. Since Carr coached with the man and knows him better than any of you ever will, maybe he’s on to something? Either way, if it is even true, all you are accusing Carr of doing is standing up for what he believes in, or in this case, who he doesn’t believe in. Chill out.

Bill Martin: For not landing Miles. What should he have done? Secretly sign Miles before Carr even officially retired? Fine, but then he would have been accused of sneaking around and disrupting LSU’s season. Not cool. He asked for permission to speak with Miles after the regular season, that permission was granted. It looks like LSU made sure it wouldn’t happen. That’s not on Martin.

Les Miles: For what? For indicating he loved Michigan and hinting he’d be interested in returning? or is it for burning Michigan? Mitch Albom suggested this was all a ruse to get more money. Bull. Sounds like he got an offer he couldn’t refuse. How is that on Les Miles? He got the best deal for him and his family. Maybe he read all the crazy blogs and message boards in Ann Arbor and came to his senses.

Kirk Herbstreit: He obviously thought he had good sources and stuck his neck out. He got burned. Until we know who those sources were, how do we know that his info at the time wasn’t accurate? Maybe Miles did have a deal and burned Michigan. We don’t know. To suggest this was some sort of conspiracy to keep Miles away from Michigan is silly. Herbie is an orange-faced Buckeye pretty boy but give the dude a break.

Kirk Ferentz: He didn’t do anything really, but you just hate this guy. This one seems to make the most sense out of any of the above.

Bo: While certainly no venom is being sprayed at old General Bo, the sentiment seems to be if Schembechler were around none of this would have happened. Miles would be at Michigan, Carr would have been fine with it and all would be good in the world.

No Miles?

Uh, what? This is so ridiculous. As predicted, the death march drags on.

UPDATE: The 2pm presser where Miles was supposed to confirm he resigned with and he DIDN’T. He simply said “I’m the head coach at LSU. I will be the head coach at LSU. I have no interest in talking to anybody else. I have a championship game to play.” He wouldn’t take any questions because you know what he would have had to answer. He hasn’t signed with LSU yet and this is ridiculous.

UPDATE II: I slapped together a mini timeline to keep all this straight. A work in progress, click to enlarge:

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The second round of the ‘Death March Madness’ tournament (current bracket HERE – background here). Here’s a printable version.

Urban Meyer (Florida) vs. Greg Schiano (Rutgers)

How they got here: Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano received a bye in the first round as the #2 seed in the region while Urban Meyer crushed former M quarterback Jimmy Harbaugh in the first round.

Greg Schiano [bio, Rutgers official site] is another coach that took a program going nowhere into one that is in the national conversation. He swept the coach of the year awards in 2006 and was rumored for quite of few gigs last summer. He’s likely top of the list when JoePa retires/dies.

His pedigree goes from Rutgers (where he was a grad assistant), to a DB coach at Penn State, to the NFL with the Chicago Bears, over to the Miami Hurricanes and finally to the head job at Rutgers. He’s done well – you’d have to assume he’d leave Rutgers if Martin offered.

Meyer is not exactly a likely candidate [bio from Florida official site]. As coach of the reigning champion Gators who of course destroyed the evil Sweatervested one, he’s definitely the rage of the college coaching profession. While at Utah he had a Miles-esque out clause for the unholy Trinity of Midwestern powers (Mich, ND, OSU) but things just didn’t work out when the Irish job came up. He made the s-list of Coach Carr due to his lobbying prior to the final vote last season, and more than that, his specifically calling out the Michigan team earned him some raspberries on State Street. This website dubbed him Urban Meyer Wiener, and he’ll always have a special place in my heart for his actions. There have been some questionable issues with recruting pop up in the press and his players haven’t proven to be saints. This said, he’s flat out got it done on the gridiron.

UPDATE: Schiano takes down Urban Meyer. A late push puts him at 52% of the vote and he advances. Here’s the latest poll:


29. November 2007 · Comments Off on Yost Region Round II: Les Miles v Paul Johnson · Categories: Archive 2007, Death March

The second round of the ‘Death March Madness’ tournament (current bracket HERE – background here). Here’s a printable version.

Les Miles (LSU) vs. Paul Johnson (Navy)

How they got here: Michigan Man and LSU head coach Les Miles received a bye in the first round as the #1 seed in the region while Paul Johnson slipped by Mount Union college legend Larry Kehres in the first round.

What can I tell you about Les Miles [bio] that you don’t already know? Michigan player, Michigan coach, he’s had success at Oklahoma State and he’s done pretty well at LSU. The pros? Passionate about this school and its history. He loves this place and that’s got to worth something. He seems like a great leader and has done a nice job at LSU. Every indication is that he’ll take the job and Martin may not have to shell out NFL money to get him here. It’s exciting to think about this guy coming here.

The downside? Maybe not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Those fourth down plays are borderline crazy. It’s fun to watch when it is LSU playing- not sure it’d be such a ball if all that stuff happened in the Big House. Also it looks like he and Coach Carr aren’t BFF, stemming perhaps from attitude differences when they were young assistants under Bo, and some recruiting clashes in Louisiana.

Face it, you’ve already made your mind up about Miles. You either want him here or you don’t. Most of you want him here.

On Johnson, from the Navy official site:

Johnson took over a program that had posted a 1-20 record the previous two years before his arrival in 2002. After a 2-10 mark in his first year, the Navy football program has achieved what many thought was no longer possible at an Academy, as Johnson has brought the Midshipmen back into the national spotlight with a 35-15 (.700) record over the last four years and has led Navy to a school-record four-straight bowl games and a school-record four-consecutive Commander-In-Chief’s Trophies. The 35 wins are the second most in program history over a four-year time span. Johnson’s .744 career winning percentage (99-34) ranks 10th among all active coaches. Like a fine wine, Johnson’s teams are better as they age [it really says this]. Over the last four years, Navy has posted a 10-2 (.833) record over the final three games of the season and has outscored the opposition, 464-246, in those contests.

Johnson’s teams have been successful off the field as well, as Navy ranks No. 1 in the country in graduation rates.

MERCY! It’s Miles with 92% of the vote – that was quick. Here’s the latest match-up: