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I’m on the fence on whether MLB should change the result of the Galarraga perfect-no.  I’ve heard some compelling arguments to do this and I’d like to hear from some of the baseball media heavyweights.  I have this image of the giant heads of Bob Costas, George Will and Ken Burns hovering above Bud Selig (like that Krypton trial in Superman 2) rendering their judgment on the matter.

There are countless plays/results Michigan fans would like to see reversed (White no fumble, Desmond/MSU maul, Spartan Bob, etc.) but that’ll never happen.   I believe these days official scorers tweak stats after games, particularly in football as fantasy football players can attest.

The only “major” postgame alterations to the Michigan record books I can recall are related to scoring errors, notsomuch by the officials, but by the media and university.   The Bentley Library recently updated the score of the 1909 Syracuse game after being alerted by a meddling blogger:

Similarly, thanks to the research of Natural Enemies author John Kryk, there’s been an asterisk applied to the 1903 Ferris State game result, when Yost and crew pitched a near perfect game themselves:

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