Up on eBay right now, a couple items related to the 1950 season.  First, a nicely presented booklet promoting season tickets for the upcoming year, Bennie Oosterbaan’s third at the helm of the Wolverines:1950 Ticket Info

Unfortunately for those who shelled out a whopping $21.60 for season tickets, the 1950 campaign was most memorable for the games played away from Ann Arbor.  That started with the October 14 battle vs. #1 Army played at Yankee Stadium, then the Snow Bowl vs. #8 Ohio State in the regular season finale on November 25 in Columbus, and finally the Rose Bowl against #5 Cal in Pasadena. 

Speaking of the Snow Bowl, another item up on eBay right now claims to be an original 4×5 photo negative from the game:

Snow Bowl 1950 Michigan vs. Ohio State I’m not sure why someone would forge the pic, but the shot of #49 looks almost cartoonish when viewed up close. 

The auction of the photo starts at $9.99, and the 1950 season ticket info booklet is going for $8.00.  


While they’re going to be a tad more than they cost in 1950, you can get your 2013 Michigan hoops and football tickets here.


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  1. Interesting note: If you adjust for inflation, the 1950 tickets would have run you the equivalent of $206.39 in 2013, or about $34.40 per game.