Yes, if you crush Ohio State, win the Heisman and then the national championship you’ve secured your place in Michigan football lore. But to no one’s criticism he left school early to pursue the NFL and that took something away from his standing amongst Michigan’s all-time greats.

Now we learn that Woodson decided set up a scholarship for students needing financial assistance. Providing these scholarships puts #2 back up a notch in my book. What’s $150,000 to a guy who’s had a long career in the NFL? A lot. How many other guys have stepped up? To care enough to set this up is a huge move and just like Jalen, he’s showing the traits of a true role model.


  1. I also recall that Braylon Edwards, without a long NFL career yet, has also donated a scholarship to the university.

    What I would LOVE to see is the Fab Five reunite and donate the money (or a large portion of it) for a practice facility. They could use that as a way to regain their place in Michigan’s history and bury the hatchet. They could name it after them and it would have a major positive effect on the program – making up a little for the negative effect the Ed Martin thing had on the program.

  2. AC – Correct, Braylon and your namesake (Anthony Carter) set up a scholarship as well. A great move.

    I’m with you on the Fab 5. Jalen has stepped up. Once this ban on the University associating itself with Chris Webber ends, I’m hoping he, Juwan and the rest join Jalen with some type of endowment or as you suggest, something like a practice facility.

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