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The latest Ohio State media guide apparently wiped Tressel’s 2010 coaching season from the books:

— 94, career wins for Tressel at Ohio State. The media guide does list Tressel’s win total after subtracting the vacated 2010 season. So he’s 94-21 (instead of 106-22) and is credited with an 8-1 record vs. Michigan (9-1 before 2010 was erased), nine bowl appearances (instead of 10) and six Big Ten championships (he had seven before the self-imposed penalties took away last season).

We’ll see how the Big Ten treats it.  As discussed here, if the Big Ten agrees that the 2010 season never happened for Tressel, he’ll be wiped from #2 behind Fielding Yost in the all-time conference coaching standings which requires a minimum of ten seasons at the helm.   Tressel would just have nine, and thus…see ya.

The bonus: guess who’s currently at #3?  Bo Schembechler of course, meaning General Bo will nestle up to Yost in second place if this goes down:

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