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Game action from Saturday.  Also check out pregame shots here, and sights/sounds here.   A big thanks to photog Kelley Kuehne for the great work today.

Leading off—we celebrate Michigan Football:

Joe Reynolds celebration  

Michigan blocked kick

And now you are blocked..setting up Joe R’s TD

Thomas Rawls with Fred Jackson

T Rawls and Freddy J talking about the 5 points of pressure on the pigskin


 Devin Funchess #87 2013

Honey Funchess of Oats dropping the stiff arm as a Chip tries to strip the ball


CMU Spider-Man

Spider-Chip, Spider-Chip, does whatever a Spider-Chip does.   Do they make tearaway bicep bands?


Michigan goal line stand

Fourth and Short…and you get NOTHING!  GOOD DAY SIR!



Cam Gordon pass block

Capt. Gordon with the block – love this one

More after the jump including Derrick Green, a greasy pigskin, Fitz and more:

Derrick Green

One ton of muscle with a ONE TRACK MIND.  The power of recruiting: Green got on of the biggest cheers when he came in


CMU fumble

Pick up that greasy Chip-branded pigskin!


Dennis Norfleet heads out of bounds

Norfleet bounced out of bounds

Raymon Taylor Interception

Woop!  Taylor jumps the route for the pick


T. Rawls Touchdown

Rawls bounding to paydirt


Joe Reynolds scores

One more of Reynolds trotting in for the play of the game


Fitz Toussaint 

Couldn’t leave out Fitz, here with Funchess setting up a block



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