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Michigan coach Red Berenson clearly wants to put this to bed and behind his team, and after one more post I’ll do the same (for tonight).  I’ve already checked the availability of MDekers.com since I’m hockey guy now.

Last night on the WTKA Red Berenson show at The Arena in downtown Ann Arbor, the Michigan coach gave hosts Andy Evans and John U. Bacon his take on the Kampfer/Tropp/Conboy incident.  Here’s the audio:

Notes and quotes:

  • Red was still concerned about Kampfer’s health and his ability to play this weekend.
  • “The incident was uncalled for, it was unnecessary, it has been dealt with.  It  should not happen in any league.”
  • “Kids have to remember you’re responsible for what you do on the ice.  Whether you’re a hockey player or a baseball player, when you’re holding that bat or holding a hockey stick, you’re responsible for what you’re doing with it.”
  • Even asmuch as the kid that grabbed Kampfer, the Conboy kid, who’s a big tough kid, and was maybe out of line to jump Kampfer from behind needlessly, but maybe out of frustration, the end of the game or whatever, and he held the other kid [Corey Tropp] off that already hit him with a stick when he was down.  He held him off with one hand, and said, ‘What are you doing?’.”
  • The best quote of the night:  “It has been dealt with, and Rick Comley at Michigan State, I’ll give him high marks for dealing with that the way it had to be dealt with.  That’s a tough thing for a coach you’ve got these kids, you recruit them, you believe in the them, you want to defend them, you want them to grow and learn, but this was over the line.”
  • “This was one of the worst incidents I’ve seen in my many years in college hockey…”
  • “This story’s over.  Louie’s here.”    Classic – Caporusso was next up for an interview.

Complete podcast can be found here (in four parts).  Includes Caporusso, Jack Johnson, talk about Notre Dame and more.

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