The Death March that is the Michigan coaching search reached a new low this morning when a talk show caller uttered two words: “Mike Martz”. This dreadful suggestion just may have inspired a new bracket, now that Death March Madness is nearing a close. Perhaps we need a bracket of the worst candidates (#1 seed Mike DeBord in the Weis Region).

Meanwhile, someone found this site today via a Google search using this search phrase “brian kelly, cam cameron, kirk ferentz, bob stoops, mike trgovac“. Seriously, what we’re you hoping to glean from that search? To this person, take a breath, chill out, put down that 7th Red Bull and step into a cold shower. (Assuming your gasket isn’t already blown).


  1. How about Brian Boytano? Go BLUE!

  2. Maybe just a bracket of Plan B candidates (Steve Sarkisian, anyone?). It beats the crap out of reading about silly rumors on other blogs and “news outlets.” Anyway, that’s what Brian Boitano’d do….