The Free Press is reporting today the Red Berenson and MSU coach Rick Comley are in talks to hold a game at Ford Field next December.

That’s great, but wasn’t the whole novelty of the Cold War was that it was played outside? Michigan and Michigan State play several times each year and sometimes on neutral sites (GLI). Branding it another Cold War diminishes the efforts of the people in 2001 that tailgated, got their drink on and attended that game.

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  1. I’m sure the only reason they want to do this is because Ford Field is hosting the 2010 Frozen Four, so they want to try and get everything put down and tested so that they can work out any problems that might plague the event. And if you’re going to spend that much money to put down a rink on Ford Field, why not bring Michigan and MSU along?

    I guess you could call it the “Balmy War” or the “Moderate with a Light Breeze War”