Per the Detroit News, the Cold War deal is done between MSU and Michigan and will be Saturday December 11th at 3pm.   Earlier this month Rick Comley made some snarky remarks about assuming the game wouldn’t happen, but as I mentioned in that post I thought this was merely Comley taking a pot shot at U-M on local radio.  

Given that this is going to happen, I restate my plea to Marty Bodnar and the ticket office: Take care of the hockey season ticket holders.  There are obviously plenty of seats to go around.


  1. You know, I wonder if Comley wasn’t engaging in some public gamesmanship. He wants to know, from his POV, whether this will happen, so he knows that if he’s asked the question, he says he doesn’t know anything about it and he presumes it won’t happen. This gets play in the Michigan blogs and the Michigan Athletic Department springs in to “This will not stand” mode and boom, done deal. If it was a well played move by Comley or not, I care not, for Game On!

  2. @Craig Barker
    Craig, that crossed my mind, and if so, you can thank MVictors reader BiggieMunn for helping bring Comley’s comments to the open forum starting here.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with the comment on season-ticket holders. Hopefully the best seats (the higher, the better?), or at least the middle-section seats go to the hockey season-ticket holders first. I’m interested to see how the ticket situation will be handled, especially with students. I don’t know if tickets will be included with our hockey package or if they will give us the option to buy with football tickets or what. Personally I just hope the hockey student section stays relatively close together simply to lead the chants. I suppose if they spread everybody out more people could pick up on them, but I’d rather keep us all together to make sure there is at least one big section doing the chants.

    • Great question on the definition of best seats – naturally most folks would assume the first 10 rows or so but you’re probably right- might be a better vantage from say, rows 20-30.

  4. I’m feeling pessimistic today.. what good would taking care of the season tix holders do??? Besides, it’s not the Martin style; maximize profit is. Half those assholes are gonna just sell their tickets to the opposition’s fans anyway… Just like tUoOS turning the Big House into a sea of red last fall and just like FYS chanting Go Green and Go White at the BB game the other night. It’s not much of a home advantage if a sizable percentage of the home team’s so-called fans don’t actually support the school. Front running Michigan fans make me fucking sick!

  5. I know I’m late to the party on this one, but a couple quick thoughts:

    First, I obviously don’t know how Michigan will handle the seating, but for the Cold War back in ’01, I know MSU allowed hockey season ticket holders to request seats in a specific part of the stadium; aside from the uber-donors, they pretty much had first crack at the good seats. I had student season tickets at the time, and they stuck us all together on the east side of the stadium, probably around the 25 or 30 yard line. Then, the rest of the students were put in the SE corner, in the football student section.

    One other thing that sticks out in my mind from that game is that there _were_ a lot of Michigan fans in the crowd — including the whole Michigan marching band, IIRC — and I really didn’t mind that. (I’d guess that the crowd was 30-35% Michigan fans.) Obviously, for a normal home game in hockey, basketball, or football, you don’t want many visiting fans in the crowd. But the Cold War wasn’t (and the second go-around won’t be) a normal game: it’s a special event, and I actually thought that having a relatively split crowd really added to the spectacle of the occasion.

    Anyway, I’m so there. It’s going to be great.

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