He loves it!

Here’s the former Michigan hockey star and current Islander Mike Comrie with some chick at the Lakers game at the Staples Center:

Comrie with Hillary Duff


  1. “some chick”?? haha That’s HILARY DUFF, dude!! She’s way out of his league, so that makes him lucky as a bastard let out of hell. Again.

  2. It is? Maybe I should have followed that link under ‘some chick’ to figure out who it was seated with Mr. Comrie.

  3. Yes. she’s hilary duff, his girlfriend

  4. You guys are so helpful

  5. hilary duff durrr shes amazinggg hes luckyy

  6. she is hilary duff…..the lizzie Mc Guire gal….luv her…….<3

  7. Hey Its Hilary Duffs Sister Haylie And please dont make rude comments about them. Mike is a nice guy

  8. I like Hilary Duff!!!