1. Hi,
    I recently bought an old trunk and found inside a yearbook in good condition-it is The Michiganensian 1928-University of Michigan Volume XXXII. Pages are in great shape, some really good photos, and some fabulous vintage advertisments in the back. There is also a photograph inside -at the bottom is printed-#200-The Victorious Frosh-Spring Games May 20, '24
    Does anyone know if there is a market to sell this?

    Thank you

    • Greg from MVictors
      Greg from MVictors

      Kelly, there is definitely value in that but you won't be rich. Various groups are interested for these yearbooks, especially if someone famous is in there (like Gerald Ford a few years later). The copy you have – does it include photos of the new football stadium? It should. Note that the year of the yearbook (1928) covers the football years for the fall of that school year, in this case 1927, the year that Michigan Stadium opened. I'm guessing it'd be worth about $30-$50.

  2. A brown jug ?. Whats up with the 1926 score. 20 over 7 . Thanks

  3. HI.
    I seen the artical about the 1940s wall clock WPAG raido clock. I think that I have a original one. If it is what do you think that it is worth. I have been looking for information at several sites, finally seen my clock on a site. Was just wondering if it is of any value.
    Thank you.


  4. Greg,

    Any update on Scott Loeffler's stolen ring? Did the Phoenix PD ever retrieve it for him?



    • Greg from MVictors
      Greg from MVictors

      Andrew, I\’m checking. I should know in the next couple weeks. Last status was that the AZ police had the ring and Loeffler expected to get it back.