21. October 2008 · Comments Off on Corso: “it ain’t never going to be like when Bo was there” (WDFN audio) · Categories: Archive 2008

Here’s ESPN GameDay host and former Indiana coach Lee Corso on WDFN today, along with the Angel of the Big House, the Detroit News’ Angelique Chengelis:

* First Corso, has nice things to say about Rodriguez and that “he’ll turn things around.” He urges Michigan fans to understand that things won’t be the same Big 2 like it was when Bo and Woody roamed the sidelines (and Corso was getting smoked at Indiana). He added, “It’s going to be very good in two years.”
* As for Angelique, it starts off a little slow but picks up from there. She talked about the trip to Happy Valley, and the obvious (“they haven’t been able to put together a full game”). She talks about Threet’s injury and his status, and she talks about the switch to Minor from McGuffie (“they finally realized he’s the kind of back you can ride…”). She also gets into Lou Holtz’s Hitler comment and whether he should talk to Rodriguez about it, and explores the mindset of the players right now.

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