Thanks to Craig Ross (the author of The Obscene Diaries of a Michigan fan) for pointing this out. Earlier this week Colin Cowherd was talking about the necessary separation of communication between fans and folks like owners and the media. The ESPN radio host discussed his own experience and loosely mentions the incident years back between he and the now defunct M Zone. He tells his listeners, “that guy, at the M Zone, is the reason you guys can send me emails all day and I can’t send them back.”

Here’s a snippet of the audio (from ESPN’s free podcasts):

Of course he didn’t really explain the story or why he was peppered with email. Cowherd says, “I don’t even know what happened”. Right. His show completely ripped off a post on M Zone back in 2006 and provided no attribution for the source. M Zone and Cowherd eventually smoked peace pipe after Cowherd took responsibility for borrowing the content.

Maybe the feud’s back on!?

I’ll stop there. This may be old news but I got a kick out of it. I’m going to shoot an email over to the excellent offspring of the M Zone to see if they want to break this down and get some takes from those directly involved.

Update 1/18: Andy at Spawn of MZone is on it and posted a reaction here.


  1. Greg:

    Thanks for posting this sound byte. Since Yost (from the original MZone) has retired — I will take a stab at Cowherd to see if he can remember the facts of the incident a little more clearly.

    To tell the truth, I would rather listen to the bump-bump-bump of the potholes on I-94 than that idiot.

  2. Cowherd is awful. His pain is my pleasure.

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