Great observation by MVictors guest columnist Lew. He suspected some funny business in comparing the signatures on the two letters I wrote on in the last eBay Watch. Lew’s comment:

Great stuff, as usual, MVictors. I’m no handwriting expert, but what’s up with the “Fritz” signature on the Biggie Munn letter?

Lew’s instincts are correct in that there’s something goofy, but after a little digging I think he’s actually got it backwards. In looking back on some older posts, it looks to me as if the Biggie Munn letter of recommendation signature was delivered by Crisler himself, it’s the signature on the letter congratulating Ohio State that ol’ Fritz left to his secretary! Here’s the evidence:

The signature from the 1954 Football Bust has got to be authentic and while I’m also not a handwriting expert, it certainly shares many characteristics with the Munn letter of rec, and it’s nowhere in the neighborhood of the OSU letter. Also, how and/or why would someone falsify Crisler’s signature at a football bust? Case closed. You’ve got to chuckle a bit that Crisler didn’t bother to sign OSU letter, although I’m sure it wasn’t meant as a slight to his colleague in Columbus.

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  1. Crack investigative reporting! I suppose it’s possible that Fritz had is secretary sign his name to the OSU letter — it looks like there’s some sort of marking under the letter “l” in his last name that might at one point have been someone else’s initials. Anyway, it’s still a nice letter, although I wouldn’t be too thrilled at having forked over a cool $230 for it. Hopefully a Buckeye was the lucky purchaser!