1. formerlyanonymous

    Money saving technique? No longer will the screen t-shirts require the second color!

  2. when the hell are they going to change the one on the stadium to follow suit instead of the 80s light blue Michigan through the middle?

  3. I have no issues with this play. The Split M Michigan had been slowly moving away from a cleaner look from the 1990s to what was likely an easier to print one (seriously, I could do a blog post on it, but there's not enough time at the moment.). The Block M is a good choice. I do wonder if they're going to go with this at Yost, since it will be very hard to see a straight Maize M on the white ice.

  4. Looks good, in fact suspiciously like the new (old) block M now adorning this board!
    Back to the future….

  5. This M is slightly different from the M on the letterhead you post – that M is a bit wider.

  6. Boring look. Not much thought in this. Type an M in collegiate font, and make it yellow.

  7. I have to admit, I prefer both the block M with the blue outline and the block M with the Michigan through. The plain maize M just looks too generic, too similar to Minnesota for me.

    That said, I certainly wouldn't make a John Pollack-esque fuss over it. We're all Michigan fans, let's get it done. GO BLUE!

  8. Greg from MVictors

    Posting this editorial note to the comments – I got a call from Bruce Madej at U-M Media Relations on this. He advises that this logo is not "new", in fact the Block M with the blue outline is used in certain media/TV situations and still at midfield today. Madej did confirm that there is an effort to have a more consistent look to the logo. For the record.

  9. Sorry, but we are the Maize 'n Blue, not just Maize. I like the BLue border as it is more distinctive. Also when placed against other background colors, the block M with blue border stands out more. This one doesn't.

  10. Little brother did this months ago with the MSU logos. I guess we need to follow suit. If you can't beat 'em, join em.

  11. The maize block M is too plain. Bring back the blue outline!

  12. awful. go gold?

  13. Greg from MVictors

    This John Pollack : http://mvictors.com/?p=7430