Update:  With all the fans now in the house, Madej is saying “close to 50,000”.   I’d saying 40,000-ish, maybe more.

Per media relations director Bruce Madej, the first person in line this morning for the locker room tour was in line at 3:30am.   Madej is says he thinks this is largest crowd he’s ever seen, going back to 1978 and is convinced that this is bigger than the crowd in 1998.

He’s not clear where the 40,000 number came from, which has been tossed around as the number of fans in ’98, but he’s convinced there’s more here today.

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  1. I was very impressed with the atmosphere….bringing back the alums, and the promotion of that, helped bring a large crowd. Smart by RR, that cannot help but impress the many recruits that were in the house. I have always preferred natural grass to field turf, but on a day like today I see the benefits of the artificial stuff.

    Just a scrimmage, but Forcier looks like the goods.

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