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Bless you blogs.  During bona fide crisis such as this we need thee. 

Read this #1: Craig at The Hoover Street Rag explores why we are cursed.  (Because we are certainly cursed).   A list of the possible curses:

1. President Ford
2. Little Brother
3. Herbie
4. Tim Tebow
5. The Yost Bleachers
6. Clowney
7. The Kraft Noodle
8. Old 98 + 9. Chicken Dance + 10. Skywriters



Read this #2: Picking up on my 2011 post, Mgo-reader saveferris checks in with ‘The Clans’ and does an excellent job rolling through the state of mind of the clans, given the ugly state of affairs.  Well done sf.  Example:

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