You may have heard that fellow ’93 Michigan grad Dana Jacobson had a rough night in Atlantic City last month. It was at the roast for ESPN’s Mike Greenberg & Mike Golic, and according to various accounts Dana was seen taking pulls of vodka and stammering around. She then started to dump on Notre Dame (Golic’s alma mater) and decided to go all in:

“f*** Notre dame”
“f*** touchdown Jesus”
and – the step-aside-because-lightning-is-about-to-strike… “f*** Jesus.”

And there you have it. Apparently she realized the gravity of the comment because she took the time to warn everybody. She was promptly booed off stage.

Take: We all hate Notre Dame, but typically that doesn’t extend beyond the football team. Heck, Bo even said ‘To Hell with Notre Dame’. As far as Jesus? None of my business but I think it’s ok for people to love the real Jesus and hate Touchdown Jesus at the same time.

All in all, this is a case of people getting their pants in a bunch over nothing. Forget about whether she was drunk or not, she knew she needed to come strong to hang with the comedians in the room and of course flamed out. I mean, does anyone really think that Jacobson (or anyone else) hates Jesus? I thought Jews and Muslims still hold Jesus in high regard. She probably ran the joke by her knucklehead First Take co-host Jay Crawford. While we probably won’t get a quote from JC forgiving DJ for her comments, I think it’s safe to say we should relax and move on.

We’ve been inundated with former Michigan athletes contributing in the media. Just this morning former DB Cato June was featured on ESPN First Take this morning, as was former Michigan kicker Jay Feely. Then Feely doubled up and did a solid segment on the Jim Rome show. Here’s some of the interview with Feely and Rome fill-in Andrew Siciliano. Interesting stuff from the former Giant who was painfully honest about his mixed feelings watching his successor attempting those field goals:



  1. Who would of thought Man O’ War had a such a strong feelings about JC.

  2. If she would have said F*** Muhammed or F*** Martin Luther King, she would have probably been beheaded or at least fired.

  3. I love her and I want to marry her, she was just drunk and trying to be funny, we have all had one to many and said something we did not mean and if you haven’t then you have no life.

  4. umm… I think (I know) that Muslims hold Jesus in MUCH higher regard than Jews….

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