Put aside all the garbage flying around in the aftermath of the MSU/Michigan game. You’ve got to like a few things coming out of the from the Spartan coaches:

First, on Dantanio. Check out this beauty he slipped into his Monday presser. He gives his take on my question of whether real fans sell their tickets to the big games:

“It’s inbred in me,” Dantonio said. “It exists in me and everybody who’s a true Spartan, not the ones who give their donor seats to Michigan Wolverines.

Next Izzo, who is just about everything you want in a hoops coach. Check out what he did to his players to punish them for the Grand Valley State loss:

After the loss, Izzo decided to temporarily kick the players out of their brand-new locker room. Members of the media got to see the Spartans’ new digs after the game and they look better than some NBA locker rooms, complete with comfortable couches, a high-tech television with a video-game system and a kitchen area. “I just look at that as, you earn the right to have something that nice, and we didn’t earn the right,” Izzo said. “I just said that, make sure that everything including the toothbrushes are out of there.” Over the last few days, players have dressed in the weight room, or in hallways. Izzo said he’ll decide when to let them back in based on their practice or game-time performance.

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  1. East Lansing has absolutely lost its mind.