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Darius Morris dialed up WDFN to chat with M basketball radio voice and WDFN morning show host Matt Shepard on Shep, Shave, and Shower on 1130AM this morning:

They hit on:

* How Darius came to accept the MSU rivalry being from LA. 
* On what other M athletes think about the MSU rivalry.
* Morris thinks the MSU win earlier this game was a huge turning point, “we learned how to win”.
* “You wouldn’t want it any other way” — that is, this game Saturday against State and all that’s on the line.
*  He caught some of the MSU/Iowa game at Pizza House last night.
*  He was asked about the impact of losing a teammate this late this the season (a la BYU).
*  Morris is only worried about Saturday right now (not the NCAA or B10 tournament).
*  Darius shared a bit about his friend Dan Tan
*  Says he never saw himself at a particular school (like UCLA or USC) – just wanted a solid D-1 school.
*  Best player he’s played against?  Kobe Bryant (at a camp).  
*  Best player he’s played with?  John Wall (on a travel team).

You can catch all of the WDFN podcasts here

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