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Great get by Ira Weintraub and Sam Webb on WTKA 1050am.  Here’s their interview with AD David Brandon from this morning, helping promote the Adopt-A-Family program:


All of the WTKA podcasts are found here.

While he spoke about the AAF program primarily, they did ask Brandon about the timeline for the coaching decision (about 6 minutes in).  

Update:  Brandon’s response transcribed by BKFinest of mgoblog:

"I have to look at the big picture thats what I do and approach things and the big picture is most important. Everything you do impacts recruiting…there’s all this firestorm about speculation and all that. What i try to be is infinitely consistent, we have our banquet tomorrow night, we have a bowl game to play, 15 practices to prepare for an undoubtedly a really fine opponent..the players and coaches have earned that right, get that experience behind them hopefully in a positive way. So all the firestorm that’s trying to move timetable is not going to work."

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