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Coaching search?  That means the return of Death March Madness, which won’t help matters (it might actually hurt) but it’ll keep you busy while you watch your Twitter feed like a freak.

Here’s a look at the 2011 bracket.

Yost Region Round 1:

5.  Tommy Tuberville (Texas Tech) — Rumored to be a candidate at Miami (FL) so he may be open to listening.  He has always been successful wherever he has been however, age is something to consider.


6.  Gus Malzahn  (Auburn OC) — Offensive mastermind but does not have any head coaching experience.  He would be a gamble but could be a very good head coach down the road.

Winner: Malzahn (current bracket and results)

Yost Region Round 1:

3.  Charlie Strong  (Louisville) — Coming off his first year at Louisville, he went 6-6 and has already really improved Louisville’s recruiting class tremendously.  He is a bright defensive mind with a great background in the SEC (South Carolina and Florida).

4.  Kirby Smart (Alabama DC) — Defensive mind who has major roots in the SEC and south.  He could be another Will Muschamp type candidate however, I doubt he would leave the south as he has a strong foundation there (UGA alum).

Winner: Strong (Strong always beats Smart) (current bracket and results)

More on DDM II here.

Thanks again to Christian Sack, (icefins26 on mgoblog, or guy who rocks the Zack Morris/AC Slater avatar) who drew up the seedings and prepared a quick summary of each candidate.

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