A couple items came up after I posted Jeff DeFran’s words in his opening segment on today’s WTKA Big Show show.

First, midway through the show Bruce Madej from the media relations department phoned in and refuted DeFran’s claims on air.   He told DeFran that he specifically walked into AD Dave Brandon’s office to get clarity and clearance on this, and made it clear that there is no talk/option/proposal/plan E of offering to fire Rodriguez in return for lighter sanctions as DeFran’s source suggests.  End of story.   [Ed 5/1: There was a little delay in posting the audio of Madej’s 4-29 call, but you can hear it here.] 

It’s not surprising that  someone from media relations would refute a story like this.  What is enlightening is that Madej would bother to call the radio show to personally shoot this down, with the backing of Brandon.  He must have been pissed.  I mean Bruce has nothing really to gain by doing this, he could have just let it go.  U-M doesn’t chime in on every rumor (although that would be fun).  But he chose to call DeFran’s goofy show this afternoon.  Translation: there’s no validity to this and DeFran’s sources are complete bunk.  Again. 

Second, DeFran took a shot at this site and I don’t get that.  Here’s the audio:

The transcript:

Defran: “..And Marty sent this piece I guess on MVictors, you know, and it’s like and I read it and it’s like I can’t read the whole thing because I’m so misquoted in there.   And this guy keeps writing ‘Jeff used an 8 minute prepared statement to tear into Rodriguez back in November’.  It was not a prepared statement! That was sarcasm..”

Copeland: “That was in December!”.

Defran: “Well he wrote November, and there was one after Thanksgiving.  And I joked around kind of like Rush Limbaugh, [in Rush voice?] ‘I am reading, humph, humph, from a prepared statement.’  It was all sarcasm and a joke.  And you know these knuckleheads take it for reality.  It’s just ridiculous, some of these people.  And some of them don’t even merit a response."

Well, this probably doesn’t merit a response but since I’m a knucklehead I’ll try.

  • First (and who cares I guess) but DeFran’s original RR rant was aired on Wednesday November 25, and you can still hear the dated podcast on WTKA.com. 
  • Next, on DeFran’s claims I’m misquoting him.   Really?  Because I published the audio of Jeff’s entire statement along with the original rant post.  And I posted audio of what I quoted him on yesterday.  And the relevant portion of his first segment today.  In fact it’s all still there for anyone to listen.   If I misrepresented his words I’ve made it pretty easy to validate it.  You’d think Jeff would appreciate someone publishing the actual audio clips given there clearly are some callers and emailers misrepresenting what he said.  If you read or listen to what I wrote, he clearly presented this as something that “could” happen, not absolutely would happen, and that’s something he pressed this afternoon. 
  • Further, he says “this guy keeps writing ‘Jeff used an 8 minutes prepared statement…” By keeps writing, I assume he means once, because that’s how many times I mentioned a “prepared statement” last year and in the post yesterday, and I put that phrase in quotes in the original piece because I was, umm, quoting Jeff DeFran.
  • Finally, on apparently missing his deft sarcasm.   Wow and yes, I’m guilty of missing that brilliant imitation of Rush Limbaugh.  See if you can catch it, click here for the beginning of DeFran’s rant last year where he goes into his wildly sarcastic Rush routine.  Over my knucklehead I guess.

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  1. I know next to nothing about him, but holy crap this DeFran guy sounds like a complete douche.

  2. Jeff DeFran either has the worst sources ever, or is an absolute moron- Actually, its both. He spouts utter trash, and doesn’t let those facts get in the way.

    He wants to be in a Dave Shand-type situation, he continues to speak total bullcrap so he gets fired and drag UM into court. This is sooo incredibly transparent to everyone. He needs to get off the air.

  3. Somewhere… in some corner… Drew Sharp is going, “wow, Jeff DeFran is a total asshole”.

  4. You would think sportscasters would have learned by now not to pick on the blogosphere.

    Blogs genuinely have better information because for most of them it’s a hobby and they don’t have a producer breathing down their neck about controversy = ratings. Colin Cohered learned the hard way… Bob Costas learned the hard way…

    …but apparently DeFran hasn’t learned as he thinks that somehow he can be misquoted in his own freaking audio clip. And he’s calling other people knuckleheads? Seesh.

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  6. DeFran is messing with the wrong blog. MVictors reporting is the gold standard.

  7. Don’t even link to that guy’s site or radio show. He’s just looking for attention, which he received. He’s probably about to get fired and needed to increase ratings. Mission Accomplished!

  8. Jeff D needs to be fired, I used to listen to WTKA but refuse to because of him. I’m tired of his bashing of Michigan all the time.

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  10. Howard Waidley

    I hate to say it but I love the heat coming to Defran. In fact I love that people are calling for his job. The reason is because: Defran rants about people who call for his job and claims they are ignorant, blinded and censors. In the same breath he has been calling for Rich Rods job constantly on his public show. He is getting exactly what he sows.