HT: Michigan Sports Center

Michigan announced that Delaware State will fill the October 17, 2009 slot on the schedule. They could have added Ann Arbor Pioneer and the home schedule would have still been a big one, with Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State all coming to town.

My initial reaction would be the same as when I learned that Appalachian State was scheduled, and while it turned out was a disaster, you have to admit one of the most exciting games of the year despite the pain in your gut the whole time. I guess 3-9 teams don’t get to bitch about the strength of the opponents on the schedule. How about we get a few things done next year then worry about the quality of our flexible schedule.

For more on the DSU Hornets, click here (hit mute on your PC if you want to avoid the produced audio).

Here’s how the schedule looks:

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  1. I hate to say it, but lately, its true: Any and every team that travels to UM has a chance to win at the Big House. It’s not a microscopic chance either.

    Living down in the South, I get to watch the 1-hour cable special about how Appy State prepped for the UM game. It was awesome…brilliant. If it wasn’t UM, I’d watch it again and again. I’d expect Delaware State to come in pumped…with a plan…with some confidence.

  2. Don Canham is rolling over in his grave! Bill Martin has gotta go… EMU, WMU, and DSU? Freaking embarrassing!!! You gotta hand it to the tUoOS Athletic Director. He goes out every year and seeks the big boys every September. With Barnicle Bill, we get this MAC and Division 1-AA crap!

    I understand that it’s Bill’s take that he needs 8 home games to fund the athletic department. But, you cannot tell me that the money could be made up in other ways. For example, I heard UGA called Michigan wanting a home and home and Barnicle Bill turned them down. Could you imagine the national attention surrounding that game when the rest of the country is playing cup cakes in September??? And while Michigan’s record against the SEC is good, as tUoOS proved, a loss like that in September doesn’t kill national title game hopes. Plus, I gotta hand it to an SEC team that actually wants to travel out of conference for a change.

    I’ve been critical of RR for all the needing “his players” statements — instead of coaching the team he has. But nothing burns my ass more than Bill Fucking Martin. Adding DSU to the sked just throws another log on that fire. The Victors Club isn’t getting another dime of my money until that ass clown is gone!

  3. Everyone wants a piece of Michigan right now…before (or, IF?) they figure out their offense. Think about the other D-1 schools who’ve ventured to AA…Florida State, Oregon, Colorado…all of them walked out with victories. I don’t blame Mark Richt at UGA to give UM a call. The SEC vs. Big 10 showdown would go over big down here. I’m only miles away from Athens, GA and they would EAT UP playing Michigan…even OSU.

    Another thing about Bill Martin…the only programs who’ve had success against Ohio State recently are the hockey, softball and baseball programs. Its on his watch that UM has collapsed against its biggest rival. UM has had one Freshman class since 1948 (’88-’91) that won all of its games against OSU, while OSU has had three, and after this year, maybe four.