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Well done by Tom VanHaaren of mgoblog and U Recruit, scoring a Q&A with man of the hour, Demar Dorsey.   The money question:

TOM: So, where are you at with Michigan?

DEMAR: Right now, I’m still signed under my letter of intent, so I can’t do anything yet until I hear back from them. They told me that they don’t think I can get in with admissions about two weeks ago, or a week ago, but they weren’t sure. They had been checking on my grades earlier in the year, and I was on top of it. When I got home one day, my parents said that they were sending back my letter of intent. They were sending me a release form. I’m not sure what that means, or if it means I’m officially not in. I think because I signed a letter of intent, if I wanted to open up my recruitment, I would have to send that back to them. If I can’t get in from the admissions, then I have to send that back. My mom said we need to do that, so we have to send it out tomorrow, and we’ll go from there. I have the ACT score, and I have the core, so we’re just waiting to hear what happens. I haven’t heard anything from the coaches yet.

Man, you read this and watch the secret LifeSkills video and you feel horrible about the whole thing.  Maybe LifeSkills is just a matchbook method to get guys qualified but…for those who want talent at Michigan no matter the price, it’s easy to navigate straight to the argument that football is as an opportunity for a new beginning plus and world class education.  Reading this interview and seeing the vid, you forget about the no fly zone for a moment and feel for Dorsey and his family.

P.S. – Along with the props for TomVH, props to insider Sam Webb for tuning WTKA listeners into this situation through Webb-code last Tuesday.   And again Monday

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