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I spent a little time with Denard Sunday and most the questions and answers were pretty dry.  My impression watching him—he feels like he’s the guy and exudes confidence.  A few of the solid quotes including my favorite from the day*:

How has he gotten better?  "I think I’m more calm.  I’m getting used to the offense, and that’s really helping me out."

On his thoughts last year: "There was just a whole bunch going through my head and everything was coming by so fast.  Everything has slowed down."

On whether he thinks more than one quarterback will be starting this season.  "Oh yeah, oh yeah.  Because all of us are playing real good football right now.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Devin on the field and Tate on the field in one of these games.  They could start the first game, we really don’t know."

On Devin’s progress.   "He calmed down.  Everything was fast to him at first when he came in.  He took it all in and he’s using it now."

*On where he was with the read option last season: "Man. <laughs>.  Last year I was like, ‘All right, I’m not reading, I’m just running’ – that’s what I was thinking.  Now I can read it."


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