I took a load of photos but during the Michigan Spring Game but the best were of Denard Robinson doing his thing.  It was his day and consider Brian’s take seconded:

Robinson looks like a quarterback now. A running quarterback with rudimentary passing abilities, but a quarterback. There were zone reads and screens and rollout passes and a number of zippy seams that hit players between the numbers. When the offense broke down, Robinson made the concept of "pursuit angles" humorous. Putting him on the edge, as suggested by the coaches’ clinic tea leaves, puts the defense in a bind. His throws were all on a line but they were accurate aside from a couple mediocre bubble screens.

Here’s sixteen in action.  Please save the “Why don’t you marry him?” as I’m happily married.  Wait, is he available?

c Denard Cut 


c Denard DashIronic that everyone is blurry except the guy flying through the scene.  [Ed.  A few folks asked for a high res copy.]



c Denard Follow Through As Brian noted, he tossed a pair of soft screen passes but beyond that the passes were solid.  That said, the follow through here is awkward unless he’s demonstrating that the Denard Meter is on high.


c Denard Sideways

He ended up turning this up field for a nice gain, but in this shot consider that he’s facing due east on a north-south field.


c Turner Shiver

This is the end of the same play in the previous photo, Denard upfield.  Check out the forearm shiver delivered by J.T. Turner.





c Denard Snap 2

Conclusion: We started the spring with the overdue admission by Rodriguez that he’d consider using Denard in different positions in the offense.  As the spring progressed, #16 earned the inside track on the starting QB position. 



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    1. Suburban Scarecrow

      Umm. That’s not Denard in the next to last photo, unless he changed his jersey mid-play. Looks more like Martavious. I also don’t think it’s the same play, unless he ran the wrong way down the field.

    2. Suburban Scarecrow

      By the way, thanks for the pics.

    3. Suburban, look close, it’s Denard carrying the ball in the background, coming around the bend.

    4. Martavious is blocking in the pic but Denard is behind #42 and yes it is the same play, he is “facing east” in the previous pic, and here he has turned the corner and is moving up field. Just take a closer look.

    5. The picture of Denard with the blurry everything else needs to be a wallpaper.

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    7. Suburban Scarecrow

      Dang, you’re right, and I’m embarrassed.

    8. Suburban Scarecrow

      I figured you should know since it’s your picture, but I thought maybe you posted the wrong one. I’ll pay more attention next time.