A quick clip from postgame from Outback Bowl 2013, a message to U-M fans:

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From the Outback Bowl:

  • Denard’s Message to U-M Fans
  • Crumbled Cookie – South Carolina 33, Michigan 28
  • Outback Bowl 2013 – 2nd Half Photos
  • Outback Bowl 2013 – Postgame
  • Outback Bowl 2013 – First Half Photos
  • Outback – Pregame Shots
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    1. Thanks for the audio and awesome job with your Outback Bowl coverage.

      This game ended like when the Patriots lost to the Giants in SB 42. We almost had a sack to basically end the game and instead the QB spins out and makes a play. It was the opposite of Under the Lights and Sugar Bowl when all the breaks went our way.

      GO BLUE!

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