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You didn’t hear me this morning?   That’s probably because I was on with Ira on WTKA 1050AM at 7 a.m. and you were still sawing logs.   But have no fear my well-rested friend, the podcast goes here (give it a few seconds to load up):

It’s a segment of nearly 25 minutes of uninterrupted Michigan football history, talking about Harry Kipke and the wild 1930s.  We hit on just about everything and of course there was caller Ed at the end of the segment.

For more context on several of the items discussed today:

Speaking of the Willis Ward/Gerald Ford and the 1934 Georgia Tech game, I mentioned on air that the documentary created by the guys at the Emmy-nominated Stunt3 Multimedia is scheduled to debut sometime around August (still waiting on official word).  I understand that Stunt3 is accepting new investors for their projects if you or someone you know wants to get into the film game—contact them here if interested.

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