’94 Michigan grads Randy and Jason Sklar guest-hosted Jim Rome’s radio show Friday and as they do, brought a little Michigan feel to the show.  In the second hour they were joined by Desmond:

They discussed the timing of the Ohio State-Michigan game, the BCS in general, Reggie Bush giving his Heisman Trophy back and NCAA violations, on the upcoming season, his sleeper team in the Big Ten (Wisconsin), and the outlook for Michigan and Rich Rodriquez (needs 8 or 9 wins, or seven with Ohio State), "no doubt in my mind they will score points."  Howard also joked about Bill Martin disappearing earlier than originally expected.

Love the outro music.

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  1. love the clip. but desmond better watch out because he dared to give his honest, unbiased opinion he might lose his "real Michigan man" status amongst M bloggers. i agree with #21. most people say 7-5 should be good enough but let's say optimistically Block M wins its non-conference games. that means Block M only wins 3 games within the conference. and i would guess the odds suggest none of those wins would be against OSU, MSU, PSU,IA or WI. is that really good enough? OSU and WI are totally understandable. IA, maybe. But to lose to MSU and PSU this season would not be good. like a lot of fans i was one of those "give rich rod at least 3 years to turn things around". sure, we all say 7-5 is good enough right now but how will people really feel in November if we don't have any quality wins? i guess we'll have to tune in and try to enjoy the ride.