I spent a few moments with Devin Gardner.   From the little I’ve seen, he’s clearly much improved and in the mix the fall and I’m very surprised after seeing Gardner a bit in the fall.

A few quotes:

Are you still living with Charlie? [for context, click here and scroll down]:  Charlie?  Oh no, I’m not living with Charlie anymore I’m living with Denard.

How’s that going [living with Denard]?  "It’s going great.  You know, he’s like a garbage disposal, he eats everything, I don’t know why.  He’s hungry all the time."

He looks like he’s bigger.  "Yeah, because he’s eating all that food <laughs>."

It looks like you’ve improved [from spring to now], do you think so?  "I’ve definitely improved from the spring, but I don’t think I’m where I need to be.  I want to be the best at everything I do."

What command of the playbook do you have at this point?  "Everything they’ve taught us I know it to a ‘T’.  I don’t know if they’ve told us everything, but they said it’s a big chunk that we’re going to use against UConn."


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    1. You asked the Charlie question, right? Best Michigan Media Day question of the year, easily.