Tom Brady with Homer Simpson

Admit it. You booed Tom Brady until your throat was sore when he played at the Big House, praying the Super Drew Henson would get into the game. Maybe you didn’t. But as soon as Brady took the helm in New England you’ve been pulling for the guy.

I’ve heard radio guys [JT the Brick] bash Michigan fans for claiming Brady as their own even though he received lukewarm support in Ann Arbor. To these guys I say, ‘So what?’. Since when do radio guys define who I can consider good Michigan men? I don’t care if a guy played here and was a complete putz (obviously Brady was not)…if he finds success at the next level who’s to say I can’t root for the guy?

Anyway, it begs the question:



  1. Can’t stand Belichick….cannot root for pats….plus he cheats ;)

  2. I think most Michigan fans (good Michigan fans, that is) pulled for Brady when he was in Ann Arbor. The fact of the matter is, he won games. If Michigan is winning games, we love our quarterback. See: Griese, Brian.

  3. While I do consider myself a bigger Michigan fan than Dolphins fan, rooting against the Patriots takes priority over rooting for a Michigan alum…

  4. perfect picture! Thanks.
    I’ll totally admit I’m cheering for the Pats cause of a Michigan Man.