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Week #7 – Michigan State

Will Hagerup: 4 decals: coffin-corner punts Out of Bounds at MSU 10, 5, 5 and 15-yard lines – Outstanding! Harry Kipke would be proud!
Desmond Morgan: 4 decals – 3rd QTR Fumble Recovery; 4th QTR Fumble Recovery; 4th QTR Tackle For Loss, and +1 editor’s choice, for a strong showing from his family in the A lot before the game!
Denard Robinson: 2 decals – 15-yard TD run in 1st QTR; 34-yard TD pass to Roundtree in 4th QTR
Devin Gardner: 1 decal, editor’s choice, for the Benny Hill run at the end of the game.
Will Heininger: 2 decals for two 4th QTR Tackles For Loss
Vincent Smith: 1 decal for 26-yard run in 1st QTR
Drew Dileo: 1 decal for fake FG run for a 1st down in 1st QTR
Brendan Gibbons: 1 decal for the nice seal block on the fake field goal in the first quarter.
Roy Roundtree: 1 decal for 34-yard TD reception in 4th QTR
Junior Megatron Hemingway: 1 decal for 29-yard reception in 1st QTR
Thomas Gordon: 2 decals: 1 for 3rd QTR Forced Fumble, 1 for the nice open field tackle on Keshawn Martin.
J.T. Floyd: 1 decal for fourth quarter forced fumble
Jeremy Gallon: 1 decal for 32-yard reception in 4th QTR
Will Campbell: 1 decal for 4th QTR TFL
Craig Roh: 1 decal for 3rd QTR TFL

And by popular demand, running totals.  Here are the guys who have more than three stickers thus far.  Totals don’t include team honors:

Denard Robinson 24
Vincent Smith 12
Jordan Kovacs 10
Ryan Van Bergen 9
Craig Roh 8
Jeremy Gallon 7
Jake Ryan 7
Desmond Morgan 6
Thomas Gordon 6
Brendan Gibbons 5
Big Will Campbell 5
Blake Countess 5
JT Floyd 4
Stephen Hopkins 4
Mark Huyge 4
Devin Gardner 4
Will Hagerup 4
Kevin Koger 3
Drew Dileo 3
Will Heininger 3
Fitz Toussaint 3
Mike Martin 3
Michael Shaw 3
Brandon Herron 3
Kenny Demons 3
Carvin Johnson 3


  1. To continue a theme from various M sites…I find it less than encouraging that our starting middle linebacker, all-conference nose tackle have only 3 helmet stickers. This is less than Craig Roh, who didn’t record a tackle into what the third game.

  2. @Matt
    I’m not sure if that’s a comment on the performance of Mike Martin, or on helmet sticker selection process. On the latter, keep in mind that we’re rewarding some unique and high profile plays. It’s not necessarily a tally of one guy’s worth to this team –Molk has as many decals as Ron English right now :)

  3. also too bad our “Best” Corner, Mr. Woolfolk is a no show here…..

  4. I realize the helmet stickers are not indicative of game performance per se. Mike plays a difficult position from which to acquire the sensational unique plays that would rack up stickers. I think he has been playing really good ball this year. It is not fair to criticize him given what is being asked of him. I would like to see more impact plays out of Kenny though. I am hopping as he becomes more comfortable in the defense we start to see him flourish.

    Good point on Molk and Ron English.

    As for Troy, he has been playing hurt all year. Correct me if I am wrong, but he hasn’t played an entire game all year. I actually doubt that he has played an entire half. I think he has put forth tremendous effort and shown courage for playing hurt. I can’t come down on him for giving it his all but just not being able to play to the standard we hoped he would.

  5. At this point im thinking that Woolfolk may not be as good as we all had hoped. I know he’s had injuries, but it isn’t like he showed much in the years before the injury. I love his dedication and leadership, but at this point I’m wondering if the reason he looked so good in 2009 was because everyone else in our decimated secondary was pretty awful.

  6. @ Teddy I am sure there is some inflated expectations based on our comparison of him to the other players from 09-10. I know I had some. But being realistic, he was never going to be Charles Woodson, but most thought he would be a good Big Ten Corner. I think he can be if he can only get healthy. Here’s hoping that he gets some much needed rest and treatment over the next two weeks. It might be nice to sit him for the Purdue game as well. It may depend on whether Marve or Terbush is the starting qb.

  7. If he has a bum ankle, I’m afraid that that might not get much better. Two weeks might not be enough recuperation time.