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I contributed the Editor’s Pick and RFUM&BFF Decal.   Take it away, Sap!


DEVIN FUNCHESS – What I saw from Funchess on Saturday was a player coming into his own. When you become confident in your ability and stop thinking about what you want to do and just go out there and flat out do it, your game goes to a whole ‘nother level. That’s what you saw from #87. There have (obviously) been some great Tight Ends at Michigan – guys like Kramer, Mandich, Kattus, Tuman – but I don’t think ANY of them have played with the athleticism that Funchess flashed on Saturday. A matchup nightmare just waiting to happen, here’s hoping he continues to flash that magic the rest of the season!

funch hunch


JAMES ROSS III – To me, JR3 was flying around all over the place on defense. He played with an infectious energy that I feel has been missing since Jake Ryan cut his hair, I mean, last played. Defense is all about playing with energy and emotion and if Ross continues to amp it up, look out when #47 returns – that unit should be stellar!


MATT WILE (PUNTER) – I’m giving this to Wile (as a punter and not as a kickoff artist) based on the fact he not only boomed one punt 55 yards, but it ended up being downed at the 1-foot line:

3 punt downing

By flipping the field on the Gophers, UM benefitted from the field position and ended up scoring on the ensuing possession. He also had another punt that was fair caught just inside the Gopher 20-yard line.


FITZGERALD TOUSSAINT – Fitz may not have topped 100 yards in rushing, but he looked fresh, looked confident and looked decisive when hitting the (correct) holes. Does his energy and freshness have something to do with Derrick Green getting some more action? Probably, but that’s a good thing in my mind.


JON FALK – So happy for Falk that got to dish out the crock one last time. 


LHS Decal – A touching and classy thing to do and just speaks to the “family” that is Michigan Football. Former OL and now Grad Assistant, Adam Stenavich lost his 3-month old son earlier in the week and the initials LHS were stickered on all the UM helmets. It is the first such gesture I have seen on the UM headgear for a non-player. Thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Stenavich family for sure.


THE OLD MAIZE MAN BATTERY – Pure gold.  NEVER stop coming back, fellas and thank you!

Old Cheers


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