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Ed.  Steve Sapardanis aka “Dr. Sap” is back with his decals.  This week I added the Editor’s Pick & Fan Award.  Here are the picks from Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6 and Week 7.

clip_image002[1]Context:  Back when Bo was coaching the Michigan Football team, he awarded decals for individual as well as TEAM accomplishments.   He also selected Champions each week.

Not only were the obvious categories (offense, defense, special teams) selected, but Bo also made it a point to recognize the not so obvious ones – Scout Team Champions and Team Hustlers – each week.

Here are the picks this week:

DEFENSE DESMOND MORGAN – The defense shut down Nebraska’s offense for most of the game and Morgan played a big part with nine tackles, one TFL and one PBU that resulted in an INT. Without Denard, the UM defense may be asked to score points now!
SPECIAL TEAMS BRENDAN GIBBONS – Three weeks in a row that a UM kicker has made three field goals? Unheard of! Might have to go back to the days of Jim Brieske to see when that was last done. Gibby’s 52-yarder showed us that his leg is not just a medium range one – NICE!
ROY ROUNDTREE – Seemed to be the only guy who made plays – even though his 55-yard reception was overturned by the officiating crew. (Don’t even get me started on them!)
EDITOR’S PICK CRAIG ROH – For going MANSTER on several plays.
UNIFORM CHAMP BLUE SLEEVE TRIM – It was either this or the maize piping, and I’m not a fan of the piping. I don’t mind the blue trim on the sleeves but think they should add some old school maize to it like this:clip_image002
A tough night for the large Venn diagram intersection that includes Michigan and Detroit Tigers fans.  Tough night on Saturday


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  2. Those mid 70s away stripes were always my favorites. And I think they are much more doable with today’s “sleeveless” jerseys than the larger stripes they wore later in the 70s through the 80s

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