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Many to hand out this week via Dr. Sap:

Jet-Pack Guy: 2 decals – one for the spot-on landing and one for the sweet helmet! 
Mike Martin: 3 decals – two on the same play: one for the sack and one for the safety in the 2nd QTR.  One more for sack #2 later that same QTR.
Matt Wile: 3 decals – Non-Returnable Kickoffs in 1st & 2nd QTR’s and extra decal for putting 2nd QTR kickoff through the uprights!!
Denard Robinson: 2 decals – 1-yard TD run in 1st QTR; 28-yard run in 2nd QTR
Jake Ryan: 2 decals – 1st QTR Tackle For Loss, 4th QTR TFL
Craig Roh: 2 decals – 1st QTR Tackle For Loss, 4th QTR Sack
Brendan Gibbons: 2 decals – 2 field goals in 2nd QTR
J.T. Floyd: 2 decals for PBU in 2nd & 3rd QTR’s
Courtney Avery: 2 decals – 2nd QTR INT, 4th QTR Sack
Fitzgerald Toussaint: 3 decals – 2nd QTR 2-yard TD run, 3rd QTR 59-yard TD run and +1 editor’s pick, for carrying 20+ times, the first time in a couple seasons.
Roy Roundtree: 1 decal for 49-yard reception in 2nd QTR
Jeremy Gallon: 1 decal for 42-yard reception in 2nd QTR
Martavious Odoms: 1 decal for 33-yard kickoff return in 3rd QTR
Vincent Smith: 1 decal for 26-yard reception in 3rd QTR
Will Campbell: 1 decal for 3rd QTR PBU
Ryan Van Bergen: 1 decal for TFL
Blake Countess: 1 decal for TFL
Brandin Hawthorne: 1 decal for TFL
Taylor Lewan: 2 decals, 1 for seal block on Toussaint 59-yard TD run, +1 editor’s pick for playing through the pain.
Michael Shaw: 1 decal for 37-yard TD run in 4th QTR
Mark Huyge: 1 decal for seal block on Shaw TD run
Kevin Koger: 1 decal for onside kick recovery in 4th QTR
Desmond Morgan: 1 decal for 4th QTR goal line stop tackle
Kenny Demens: 1 decal for 4th QTR goal line stop tackle
Defense: 1 decal for every member of unit for 4th QTR stop/goal line stand

Season tally leaders (doesn’t include “team” or unit stickers):

Denard Robinson 26
Vincent Smith 13
Jordan Kovacs 10
Ryan Van Bergen 10
Craig Roh 10
Jake Ryan 9
Jeremy Gallon 7
Desmond Morgan 7
Brendan Gibbons 7
Thomas Gordon 6
Big Will Campbell 6
Blake Countess 6
JT Floyd 6
Fitz Toussaint 6
Mike Martin 6
Mark Huyge 5
Stephen Hopkins 4
Devin Gardner 4
Will Hagerup 4
Kevin Koger 4
Michael Shaw 4
Kenny Demons 4
Matt Wile 4

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